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  1. Love the raids shop! I’m ready to grind some dream range on my Ironman
  2. lunarwater

    This is actually an amazing suggestion, and this should not affect the eco too much if ether is made untradeable.
  3. Hi Everyone! I'm Lunarwater, but you've probably seen my in game playing on my ironman, Dingoal. I really like this server, and have been playing on/off since 2016. Hopefully I'll be around for a while this time. I look forward to meeting everyone!
  4. until

    Thanks chuck
  5. lunarwater

    What's the current issue? Revenant Ether has no purpose and simply clutters the Revs cave, making it hard to spot mysterious emblems.What's your suggested way of fixing it? I would recommend to remove them drop the drop table of revenant monsters. However, the other option could be to make it so that collectors necklace picks them up. How will this benefit player/server? This would make the experience of killing revenants feel more pleasurable. How could this be expanded in future? If they are still in game and collectible, the ether could be given a purpose later in the game.What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) N/A unless ether is given a purpose, in which case, eco externalities need to be considered.
  6. support. I like having the tasks in game though for easy karma rewards :)
  7. until

  8. lunarwater

    This is a good idea. Great for the eco

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