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  1. Minty Fresh

    As if you even bothered mentioning white Drake. The only thing worth crediting him for, is how often he has a spliff in his hand on tinychat. Love ya' Chuckster nohomo K3
  2. Minty Fresh

    Although I have been incredibly inactive lately due to my own personal reasons, it saddens me to see such a tall figure in the community bid farewell. I had a blast getting stoned and pissing around on teamspeak with you, thanks for the memories and being an incredibly welcoming dude all in all! I can speak on behalf of most people in saying you will be missed. You have officially been farewell'd by the best and fairest #aussieDSer
  3. Minty Fresh

    This was bound to happen as Teamspeak is outdated and actually costs money most of the time. Discord allows third party scripts for bots, which can be super fun - I remember SwiftKit which used to be an RS client, there was an inbuilt IRC chat and there was a PKBot, and you'd do stuff like. !challenge vl0ne !dds > Minty has dds spec'd Vl0ne for 0-22. Vl0ne is on 78 health! !barrage > Vl0ne ice barrage'd Minty for 16! Minty is on health! It was super fun and you could spend hours playing it without getting bored. Could easily be done via discord programming.
  4. Minty Fresh

    Ipb is much difficult, mad respect to such a talented dude
  5. Base64 doesn't make someone smart!!!

    1. Tyrant


      It defiantly doesn't, but my point was having people to have a different mind piece, using google, would be less than 2 minutes to find the answer without having any background.

  6. Minty Fresh

    I've got a basic mysql database setup to save character location, stats, exp etc. I also set up a basic movement and combat system for the time being, it's a bit hack and slash due to Gmod's nextbot scripting. I'll record footage later as I cannot be bothered.
  7. Minty Fresh

    However, I'm currently on my way to work so I'll further continue this in the future.
  8. Hey all, for all of you programmers out there - I'm bored so I'm deciding to create a runescape based gamemode on a game called garrys'mod - for all of you who don't know what gmod is, it's a sandbox game that allows full 3rd party scripting - it's great fun. Here I'll post continuous updates as to how I'm progressing and what I'm doing. So far, 100% barebones base gamemode, I will first be incorperating 3rd person point and click movement. Gmod doesn't allow this via players so I'll have to utilise the coroutine library and create a custom bot entity.
  9. Minty Fresh

    10 because you've given me no reason to deduct points
  10. Minty Fresh

    Peace out boyscout, when you get back we'll all be stoned more than probably.
  11. Minty Fresh

    Thanks for the warm welcome my dudes!
  12. Minty Fresh

    I'll be honest, it's the first server I've seen where the first NPC is spongebob on a bike with an uzi
  13. Minty Fresh

    Hi all, I'm Minty Fresh. I'm both a RS and RSPS veteran, I started playing Runescape roughly 10 years ago and quit around the time they removed PKing and added Bounty Hunter. I've played Runescape Private Servers for such a long time, I used to spend a lot of time sitting on Moparscapes' vanilla rsps client playing by myself spawning all this stuff and doing nothing at all. I've had my fair share of private servers and as of lately have been super bored with everything and have decided to take up rspsing again! A couple of useless facts about me! I'm 20 years old, living in Australia - I play steam games and develop in my spare time, if you've heard of a game called Garrys'mod I contributed towards the making of a 'famous' gamemode called Murder. I'm familiar in languages such as C#, Lua, Java, Php, Html and Sql if you can consider Sql a programming language. I look forward to meeting some of you in-game! Ipb > Mybb