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  1. Englog

    Welcome to dreamscape, we are happy to have members of the community from all around the world. #420
  2. Englog

    Oh wow,that is really amazing and I most certainly love it! I used to draw anime character and things as such,but you took it into a different level it is AMAAAAAAAAAZING!
  3. Hello @Gadget, please head to this thread to request rank and make sure to see the format. link: About changing your name(to a different name) please head to support.
  4. Englog

    rank given
  5. Englog

    personally I love things like this!!!!! much much love !
  6. the king of forums..... Use some capitalization nub

  7. congratulations englog for forumz admin K3 i know you can hit this mark 

  8. Englog

    much appreciated homie love you all babez ❤️
  9. Englog

  10. Englog

    thats why I love him
  11. Englog

    welcome to the #DSGANNNNNNNNNG!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. UUHHHHG hello?

    1. lastchancer


      pm me on disc noob

    2. Hc Maximum

      Hc Maximum

      can i get uhhhhhhhhhhhh big mac

    3. Bodhi


      Uuuhhhh millshake pleasee

  13. Englog

    one of the most staff member whom I respect, cared for and loved. really unfortunate seeing you leave alieni, just please remember we will always remember you and you will be never forgotten. hope you have the best time of your life! @Alieni mad respect to you. best regards, englog

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