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  1. Englishlog

    This is a really great idea as the reward in clue scrolls are kinda hard to get, and I don't think many people do clue scrolls as we got on wiki the information about clue scroll and their rewards: https://dreamscape317.fandom.com/wiki/About#Clue Scrolls https://dreamscape317.fandom.com/wiki/Clue_scrolls#Rewards I personally think that a shop for the clue scrolls would be a really great addition to the game, so clue scrolls will be an active thing again. also, adding more drops to the clue scrolls would make it a lot active again, such as sf, or perhaps mg and in a dream rarity or potentially a clue scroll gear from doing the scrolls and then they can be upgraded from the shop[that contains more rewards from the points] and the gear upgrade, the cost would be the piece and a certain amount of points obtained from doing the clue scrolls nice idea, good luck
  2. Englishlog

    Congratulations hc b0wer, I voted for ya ❤️
  3. Englishlog

    this is a really good suggestion, and indeed harmless to add and definitely useful. however, id like to add something to this suggestion. a random drop from the npc's at the super donator zone, which gives you a really great weapon which will be between sf and sfu [damage wise] or it can be purchased from the super donor shop, and a random chance on getting a ring that 2x or 3x, your points per kill. overall really nice suggestion, good luck
  4. Englishlog

    let's just say, he doesn't get it complete as many of you guys mentioned above, however, hc kai, is very active and just saying that hes mming all the time and actually mming few pots, I wish that the application was completed,[being worked on to be complete[ VOUCH
  5. Englishlog

    to be honest, your typing skilling are definitely amazing and very good for the newsteam, as you've said, you are active on forums, which is a very nice thing, newsteam is about, dedication, putting time into it and good writing skills. well, I can only vouch for this, amazing, good luck homie
  6. Englishlog

    352 [i kinda wish we got to 420 and just stop there XD]
  7. Englishlog

    good luck to four of you, and MAY the best man wins
  8. Englishlog

    hello everyone, I'm englog, many of you guys know me, well if you don't, I used to be staff twice on dreamscape, a news team editor and once a forum moderator. I am coming back to dreamscape because I have this deep connection with it and remembering the great time I had, I wanted to play it again, had to quit dreamscape for a while, because of school and personal issues, was too tight for me to play, therefore I decided to quit, and now I regret that decision. I am happy to be back into the ds gang 😛
  9. Englishlog

    I'm not mentioned but cya bb I check forums occasionally was nice talking to my homie yvez
  10. Englishlog

    welcome to dreamscape let's hope you have a wonderful experience pm me for any questions
  11. Englishlog

    this is very well made and detailed thread appreciated homie thanks for spending your time on this.amazing way to teach/guide new gamblers
  12. Englishlog

    welcome back suffffeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,
  13. Englishlog

    my outfit is LIT https://gyazo.com/8bad7806086bfabc93b97a247df17f20 https://gyazo.com/c6252605a7aaaeee197345ed24ed38b6 gl everyone