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  1. Englishlog

    I wanna know how many arcades have you done 😂 You are just number 2 in pvming Athene is the number 1 Nice achievements ❤❤
  2. Love the new game mode And frostbite is going to rise again The new diablo is lookin FIRE really nice upated❤❤
  3. Englishlog

  4. Englishlog

    5-10 you are bad.....
  5. Englishlog

    8/10 hes a little bit lazy...
  6. Englishlog

    Have a safe travel,enjoy it ❤❤ Don't watch videos of plane crashing
  7. Englishlog

    hey Sara, hope you have a wonderful time in the DSGAAAANNGG https://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/forum/26-guides/ we got a guide section that you may use. GOOd luck,
  8. Englishlog

    Personally, I think that its unneeded. You may ask me why do you think that way? 1.custom pets are still pets and pets are not allowed in dicezone. 2. Staff members can do giveaways,drop parties and events in dicezone which can be ruind by the pets. 3.not many poeple have custom pets,maybe two or three players have custom pets. Thats my opinion, good luck on the suggestion.
  9. Englishlog

    Hello dreamers, Today we are going to be discussing whether our news team should bring back DREAMERS WEEKLY! to start off, What exactly is DREAMER'S WEEKLY? Dreamer's weekly is a thread that the old news team used to do, unfortunately, due to some reasons it was turned into news team monthly, dreamer's weekly is like dreamer's monthly a huge thread with a lot of information in game and on forums. Examples: What can potentially stop the news team weekly? The only thing that can stop dreamer's weekly is the lack of members, to help us make dreamer's weekly we'd need YOU to join our news team NOW! We think that if dreamer's weekly is getting back, we will be ready for it. Hopefully, YOU are ready as well! sincerely,
  10. Englishlog

    First Gl bbz
  11. Englishlog

    OOF Ign englog I need dat cape tho
  12. Englishlog

    to request a new pin code you must make a support ticket, link: https://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/support/ support tickets can take up to 24-48hours, please wait patiently. If you need anything just private message me or any staff that's online.
  13. Englishlog

    please make a support ticket to get unbanned, link: https://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/support/ support tickets may take up to 24-48hours, please wait patiently, I am not very sure on why you got banned but logging in with two accounts is legal, however, 3+ is indeed illegal. Only a support ticket would lift punishments /infractions, even tho it's not intentional. good luck, I'll be locking this thread, if you need anything, pm me on forums or any staff member/ forums staff.
  14. Englishlog

    As @Chanman said, We got a format for suggestion and players MUST follow it. Edit this post and follow the format. Or unfortunately It can be declined or locked by other staff members.