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  1. Englishlog

    I'm not mentioned but cya bb I check forums occasionally was nice talking to my homie yvez
  2. Englishlog

    welcome to dreamscape let's hope you have a wonderful experience pm me for any questions
  3. Englishlog

    this is very well made and detailed thread appreciated homie thanks for spending your time on this.amazing way to teach/guide new gamblers
  4. Englishlog

    welcome back suffffeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,
  5. Englishlog

    my outfit is LIT https://gyazo.com/8bad7806086bfabc93b97a247df17f20 https://gyazo.com/c6252605a7aaaeee197345ed24ed38b6 gl everyone
  6. Englishlog

    welcome to the amazing dsgang, if you need any help pm me :P hardcore is a really good choice good luck
  7. Englishlog

    I'm the person that loves the people who set goals to achieve, that way we know your goals and how your achieving them, best of luck
  8. Englishlog

    very nice guide, hopefully, the rates that u mentioned are the true one :[ik,ik] thank you for spending your time to estimate each and every boss's drop rate their really organized with the colors, I really liked that gl on your futuristic threads
  9. Englishlog

    I mean, what can I say, feeds is such an amazing person, with helping attitude all the time [sometimes] btw loved ur signature snowtigerjr
  10. Englishlog

    welcome to dreamscape homie, hope you have the best of the best experience here good luck,any helping pm meh
  11. Englishlog

    oh damn, good luck everyone, ps: this must be hard with hard work,high reward
  12. Englishlog

    you have always been an amazing staff member, and a friend as well, hopefully, I get to see you discord/ingame its really sad seeing you go epok, well education comes the first homie, hope you get the best of grades return to the family once you can good luck
  13. Englishlog

    a drop log of an ironman, that must be painful to create wish you the best of luck. let's hope the luck will help you here