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  1. Drakrtar

    Username: Hc Drakrtar Rank In-game: Extreme Donator Proof: https://imgur.com/a/LnL53Zl
  2. Drakrtar

    I think i made some good stuff with only 15 mboxes (the double Xp ring =D) as starter i would say that is awesome https://imgur.com/a/zQduzHo OBS: if i win something would like to be in my main account: Hc Drakrtar 😃
  3. Drakrtar

    IGN: Hc Drakrtar Rank for suggestions is Extreme Donor Suggestion 1: Passive lifesteal (like soulsplit) of like 1% of dmg dealt Suggestion 2: Extreme donor fountain to get random 1~10% drop rate for 30 mins, usable once a day Suggestion 3: Daily cash prize on login (random from 1b to 10t)

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