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  1. Blue Fang

    They already got 1000$ credit store and 150$ amazon cards that was the prize when you entered.
  2. Blue Fang

    When you prestige as a competitive you gain, a base of 50% Luck, 50% Drop rate and 50% Double Drop rate Which i think is way to buffed since you can get pets,rings,amulets and other items to boost your luck,drop rate, double drop rate if you would stack these you would get easily 100%+ drop rate since you also get a 25% comp mode boost and im not even gonna talk about the luck if you were to kill bosses that drop luck items with the insanely drop rate bonus you have and then open the boxes from the comp achievement store with the lucky items you got with the drop rate bonus by doing this you could get the best items in every box and grind everything... So i think it should just be fair and square since it's a competition and not a mode like iron man or hardcore. I just wanted to pinpoint it.
  3. Blue Fang

    I am Blue Fang the one and only DMT BUNNY on DreamScape This unique idea has been a long journey. I had to fight as a DMT BUNNY to go through a maze to meet my best friend. Not many have seen him only the staff maybe have, Here he is! ----- The long journey of the one and only DMT BUNNY has come to an end.
  4. Blue Fang

    Hello, So... Yeah... I'm planning on leaving the #DSGANG. I'm focused on other things in life, such as working,studying (developer). I had tons of fun when i was around, i even uploaded some (3) videos for the server i wish i could upload more. (as i said im focused on other things now) got to know aloooooooooooot of nice people and every staff member around. i'll be leaving the server, But i will be in the discord chat a little here and then. Sorry, i couldn't stay any longer. I Fking love you guys <3 Remember, The Legendary - Blue Fang! PEACE! Big shoutout to everyone! especially my boyz! Chuck - Zeven - jack - Alex - Mboxie - Chris - Half - Stuart - Potentials - Vl0ne - Feeds - Xp Barrage - Road 2 swag - did i dc - Emperor nick - Bench Press
  5. Blue Fang

    DANG son HALF thats why you weren't online theze days. I wish you the BEST Anniversary day! Have a nice & safe trip BACK! PS: My greetings to your wife. Much love from your boy, Mike
  6. Blue Fang

    ''Easier road to 1 Q'' thats kinda hard dude :P i kinda have to start from scratch then cuz cleaned. but ill figure something out ty for ideas tho
  7. Blue Fang

    thanx everyone!@!@!
  8. Blue Fang

    Btw guys, Tell me what you wanna see or want me to do. like road to this or that or do this or that.
  9. Blue Fang

    Hey guys! Another video, Sadly my pc does some weird glitching at the right hand side top corner. I'm really sorry about this. In the future it won't happen again i'll fix something. Once again sorry :( And this video is kinda short because i wanted to speed the video up so you couldn't see the glitching but it's still there. :( Enjoy! i guess.
  10. Blue Fang

    I really didnt expect THis much!!!!!! omg guys ty sooo much!! ofc i wont stop!!! yall giving me such motivation dannggg son ty man
  11. Blue Fang

    Hey guys! opening bird nests! Enjoy!
  12. Blue Fang

    Hey guys! I actually wanted to know what you guys think of me. i know its kinda weird but i actually wanna know. Curious how people see me. Thanks for your time!
  13. Blue Fang

    I am planning on doing so, trying to get some items for opening videos :P and planning on making some tutorials for new comers. Thank you all for giving feedback :P never thought you would give an feedback. Thank you very very much!
  14. Blue Fang

    Tell me what you think about it! Make sure to check my Youtube Banner made it on my own!!! Tips are always welcome!
  15. Blue Fang

    Hey Guys! Recently started doing Youtube! Hope its useful even tho im kinda late Check out my Channel!: Check out the Guide: