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    ❤️ WOW! ANIME LOVER? ❤️ Lets have a coffee or two ingame or on discord Which animes have you watched? How many have you watched? What genres do you watch? Also which platform do you use to watch anime? Looking out to have a nice chat with you Your one and only bunny, Blue Fang Ingame Name: Blue Fang Discord: Tobu - Blue Fang#0175
  2. 600$ Textured Balloon I WANT THAT! INGAME NAME: Blue Fang Discord: Tobu - Blue Fang#0175 Lets register to get that balloon guys
  3. Blue Fang

    Looks good n all but cough cough where the bunny at? @Dreamz40 ? On a real note, Looks awesome, Nice Job!
  4. FIRST OF ANYTHING. Give your pc a good old restart, Dont ask me how or why it helped some people with their client on discord. If it didn't fix anything. Go further with the thread. ---- Many people don't know how to make their client work again after a big update due to the issue of having a wrong cache that the client can't get data from. If you don't want know how your client and cache communicates skip this section and go to the next section. Section 1 - Client and Cache. A little explanation of what happens between the Client and Cache. You can think of the Client as your game and the cache a library full of items, your game (Client) has to access those items to place them in your game. If the items get a different name or if it's located somewhere else due to your library being old the game won't open because it can't read the items so it will give you an error. What also can happen is that it will open but just won't show the items so your game will be glitching. A diagram example of what happens: Of course alot more happens in the background but you don't need to stress your head only if you're a developer that is Section 2 - Checking if you have Java installed and if its the right version. I want you to open CMD for me, you can open CMD by doing WINDOWS KEY + S then searching CMD. This works for any language your pc is in. (Mine is in Dutch) Now your CMD should have opened like this: Then I want you to type in: Java -version like the picture below. I want you to look at Java Version "1.8.0_191" If your Java is below that you want to update your java. Here's a link to update your Java: https://www.java.com/en/download/windows-64bit.jsp Section 3 - Removing your old cache. As I explained why you get an error you should know that it is due to having an old cache. This happens when a big update is being released and such. So first, open your (C:) drive you can achieve this by doing WINDOWS KEY + S then searching This pc. (Mine is Dutch, So you'd have to translate it to your own language.) Next I want you to open your (C:) drive: Once you have opened your (C:) drive search for a folder named: Users It might differ from pc to pc due to the language of your pc. Once you have opened the folder it should look something like this: Next open the User folder your pc is on. When you have opened your User folder search for the folder named: ".ds_cache" Once you have found this folder. Delete it, it is and old version of the dreamscape cache since there has been a big update or such. I also recommend you to delete all files related to Dreamscape this can be: Setup Installs, Desktop Shortcuts etc. Once you have deleted all files related to dreamscape empty your Recycle Bin. Once you have deleted everything and emptied your recycling bin. You can Install A Clean Dreamscape Client At: https://dreamscape317.net/play/ If one of the installs doesn't work, try the other ones. If it still doesn't work Go To The Next Section Section 4 - Installing Jarfix. So it didn't work eehh? Alright, the last step you can try is installing Jarfix. This fixes your Java libraries and such. After you have installed Jarfix try the .JAR install. You can install jarfix at the thread: If you still can't get your client fixed. Contact me on Discord, Tobu - Blue Fang#0175 Please also install Teamviewer so i can help you better, Will save us both alot of time. ---- Yours Sincerely, One and Only Bunny, Blue Fang I hope alot of people will get their client fixed by this thread. If it helped you get fixed please pass this thread to the ones you see need help with their client. To the ones that didn't get their client fixed. You are more then welcome to contact me and i'll try my best to get to you ASAP. PEACE OUT.
  5. LET THE BATTLE BEGIN! IGN: Blue Fang DISCORD: Tobu - Blue Fang#0175
  6. Blue Fang

    I play almost in every region (OCE, TUR, EUW, NA, KR, EUN) because of friends... I never play ranked matches because i got traumatized by how many noobs there are. I would put my skill level between gold and diamond. I main all lanes except ADC but i can play it well to. Top: Camille, Fiora. Mid: Akali. Sup: Soraka. Jng: Lee Sin. Adc: Caitlyn, Xayah, Ezreal.
  7. Developers what are you doing as a developer that looks pretty hard to make! Nicely done!
  8. Blue Fang's - Starting Well As A Starter Guide By Blue Fang |---[]-[][]-[][]-[][]-[][]-[][]-[][]-[][]-[][]-[][]-[][]-[][]-[][]-[][]-[][]-[][]-[]---| --| Introduction |-- Recently I have been asked the questions, "What weapon is good? What is this what is that? What should i get? What weapon/gear is better?" Many times. So i've decided to make an in-depth guide per armour slot and about money making as a starter. Also to save myself some time and to help with other questions else it gets to chaotic- getting asked the same question constantly --| Item Slot Template |-- I will try my best to make the guide as simple as possible to not confuse anyone. And also keep it budgetable. The Item Slot template goes as follows: Item 1 -> Item 2 -> Item 3 -> Item 4 Example: Bronze -> Iron -> Steel -> Mithril -> Adamant *note* I won't add prices of each item which I planned on doing but the prices change so fast *Cough* *Cough* @Dreamz40. It will make the guide look weird for prices and what each item exactly does just pm me or look on the Dreamscape wiki. --| Gear For Starters |-- Helm Slot: Melee: Flame Torva Helm -> Elite Torva Helm -> American Torva Helm -> American Torva Helm (U) Range: Flame Pernix Cowl -> Elite Pernix Cowl -> American Pernix Cowl -> American Pernix Cowl (U) Magic: Dragonbone Mage Hat -> Elite Virtus Mask -> American Virtus Mask - Infernal Hat Cape Slot: Melee: Glass Wings -> Blue Death Cape -> Infernal Cape -> Infernal Melee Cape Range: Glass Wings -> Blue Death Cape -> Infernal Cape -> Infernal Range Cape Magic: Glass Wings -> Blue Death Cape -> Infernal Cape -> Infernal Magic Cape Amulet Slot: Melee: Gold Chain -> Nocturnal Chain -> Collectors Necklace -> Amulet Of Blood Range: Collectors Necklace -> Amulet of Blood Magic: Collectors Necklace -> Amulet of Blood Main Hand Slot: Melee: Ice Katana -> Golden Katana -> Space jam (u) -> //Not sure what would come next tbh the good melee weapons are expensive Range: Scoped Rifle -> Ascension Crossbow -> Golden Ak-47 -> A Minigun or Golden Minigun Magic: Soulflare -> Soulflare (u)-> Oblivion Scythe Body Slot: Melee: Flame Torva Body -> Elite Torva Body -> American Torva Body -> American Torva Body (u) Range: Flame Pernix Chaps -> Elite Pernix Chaps -> American Pernix Chaps -> American Pernix Chaps (u) Magic: Dragonbone Mage Top -> Elite Virtus Robe Top -> American Virtus Robe Top -> Infernal Top Shield Slot: Melee: Drygore Offhand (u) -> Ice Offhand -> Golden Offhand Range: Ascension Crossbow Offhand (Can only wear with Ascension crossbow since the others aren't single handed) Magic: Hylian Shield -> Aqua Spirit shield -> //suggestions with magic offhand? Legs Slot: Melee: Flame Torva Legs -> Elite Torva Legs -> American Torva Legs -> American Torva Legs (u) Range: Flame Pernix Chaps -> Elite Pernix Chaps -> American Pernix Chaps -> American Pernix Chaps (u) Magic: Dragonbone Mage Bottoms -> Elite Virtus Robe Legs -> American Virtus Robe Legs -> Infernal Bottoms Gloves Slot: Melee: Flame Gloves -> Boxing Gloves -> American Boxing Gloves Range: Flame Gloves -> Boxing Gloves -> American Boxing Gloves Magic: Flame Gloves -> Boxing Gloves -> Infernal Gloves Boots Slot: Melee: Dream Wing Boots -> Shadow Boots/Elemental Boots -> Berserker Boots Range: Elemental Boots -> Archers Boots Magic: Elemtental Boots -> Infernal Boots -> Seers Boots Ring Slot: -Pvming- Ring of Wealth -> Ring of Weatlh (i) -> Ring of fortune (Might be a little expensive but its worth it) -Raiding- Avery's Ring (Use it at arcade aswell, Even though it might be expensive its a worthy item to have) Pet: Mystery Box Pet -> Chaos Elemental Pet -> Necromancer Pet (The Necromancer pet may be expensive but it is the cheapest healing pet that also gives drop rate bonus etc.) - --| Starting Making Money|-- When u start playing the game I recommend you to start as an Hardcore. For the 15% drop rate etc. So starting making money. 1. Complete Achievements. v There are achievements that only take a few letters to achieve! I recommend completing the achievements: - Party Time: Equip a party hat. Reward: (500b) - Jad Job: Kill Jad once. Reward: (500b) - Eat Up: Eat 100 food items. Reward: (500b) - Dance Dance Revolution: Use dance emotion 15 times. Reward: (500b) - Kardashian Trend: Change your appearance once. Reward: (500b) - Rule Scholar: Type in ::rules. Reward: (500b) - Wiki Scholar: Type in ::wiki. Reward: (500b) - Forum Lurker: Type in ::forums. Reward: (500b) - Yodler: Type in ::yell. Reward: (1T) - Bird Watcher: Open 10 Bird nests. Reward: (2.5T) - Cape Quest: Equip any TokHaar-Kal cape. Reward: (2.5T) When completing the achievements you get a total of 10T. With this cash you can afford the starting items stated at the above gear slots. To buy the items go to POS (Player Owned Shops) at ::market that's where you can buy the items from. https://i.gyazo.com/f19e501d17790f8996494cfddd00099f.mp4 2. Be Efficient. I see many new players that havn't finished their starter tasks. When u finish the starter task not only does it go away But you also get the beginners ring! With the beginners ring you can get 3T - 30T - 300T loot from the newly added drop table of starter bosses. I also have noticed that new players tend to explore places such as ::dicezone. If you feel like im talking to you don't waste ur time at dicezone or other places you will gain nothing from. First get the achievements done and buy the melee items. Then you want to train your combat stats at ::train first train Attack, Strength, Defence and Prayer. Pick up the mystery boxes you get as loot and open them instantly because you might get an double xp ring or a mystery box pet, This is what you hope to get. Also pick up the bones from the penguins but save them in your inventory when u get the double xp ring use them on the altar at ::home. // I recommend you doing penguins until you get the double xp ring and the mystery box pet no matter how long it takes. Since u want to get 92 prayer asap and a pet that boosts your drop rate bonus. When u get the double xp ring and the mystery box pet but still not have 92 prayer. Buy phoenix bones from people and use it on the altar at ::home. It is important that u still havn't completed your starter tasks because you want to grind the 24 hours playtime before losing the beginners ring. Once you have: Mystery Box Pet, Melee Gear, 92 Prayer, 99 strength, 99 attack, 99 defence. Complete your starters tasks to gain the beginners ring. When you receive the beginners ring you want to go to the lowest hp boss which is Forgotten Warriors. Equip your beginners ring and kill him many many times. 3. Bossing. Once your beginners ring has vanished and you got lucky with a few kills I would say that you'd have close to 1Q - Quad (1000T) if you grinded Forgotten Warriors. With the 1Q I suggest you to buy the candle for 100T from the shop at the Boss Diglet. You would have money left to upgrade your gear and weapon. Upgrade your weapon first to a soulflare (u) if you can else a soulflare. Once you have the right gear and weapon grind diglet for the money he drops and for the bird nests. If you're lucky enough you can get Right of wealth (i) from them and if you're even luckier you can get eagles nest which you can obtain avery's ring from. Once you have gotten the Ring of Wealth (i) and some cash you can sell your gear and upgrade once again. If you believe that you have a good setup, do high level bossing such as Necromancer, Olaf, Oblivion Dragon and maybe even Raids! When you've gotten to this point of the game it will be easier for you to understand. 4. Patience. Patience and once again Patience. Patience is Key. Many people get a juicy loot from a boss they wish to sell to get their favorite pet or item ingame but get turned down instantly because they can't find a seller in 5 seconds so they sell it for nearly 60% of the initial price. Refrain from doing this. If you farmed for your loot you should get what you worked for dont sell it for cheap nor too high keep it in the center. And if you can't find a seller im sure someone will want to buy it sometime else just put it in your pos and do something else for a while. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This was my guide to help starters. I hope it was helpful and understandable. I tried my best and worked hard for you bois to start your adventure well Your Legendary One And Only Bunny, Blue Fang PS: "Feedback on making the guide better is appreciated!"
  9. Blue Fang

    Extreme Donor: 1. A skilling zone which is only allowed once a day for 1 hour. The zone gives you the oppurtunity to to multi skilling or shortcuts to lvl your skilling faster. 2. The option to tele to the world boss. I.E, ::worldboss or something. 3: Specially made daily tasks to earn E-Points to spend on worthful items. And not just useless items in the donor dungeon etc. Every rank: 1. 1++ Daily task per rank. (Donators get to do 1 more daily achievment, Supers 2, Extremes, 3 and so goes) 2. An aura designed with the rank Icon. I.E: Healer Aura 1 and the 2019 icon etc. 3. Special Achievment Tasks for the rank. Like what comp mode has.
  10. AlienI You know why you up there ::merit @Alieni hehehe.
  11. Blue Fang

    I am Blue Fang the one and only DMT BUNNY on DreamScape This unique idea has been a long journey. I had to fight as a DMT BUNNY to go through a maze to meet my best friend. Not many have seen him only the staff maybe have, Here he is! ----- The long journey of the one and only DMT BUNNY has come to an end.
  12. Blue Fang

    Hello, So... Yeah... I'm planning on leaving the #DSGANG. I'm focused on other things in life, such as working,studying (developer). I had tons of fun when i was around, i even uploaded some (3) videos for the server i wish i could upload more. (as i said im focused on other things now) got to know aloooooooooooot of nice people and every staff member around. i'll be leaving the server, But i will be in the discord chat a little here and then. Sorry, i couldn't stay any longer. I Fking love you guys <3 Remember, The Legendary - Blue Fang! PEACE! Big shoutout to everyone! especially my boyz! Chuck - Zeven - jack - Alex - Mboxie - Chris - Half - Stuart - Potentials - Vl0ne - Feeds - Xp Barrage - Road 2 swag - did i dc - Emperor nick - Bench Press
  13. Blue Fang

    DANG son HALF thats why you weren't online theze days. I wish you the BEST Anniversary day! Have a nice & safe trip BACK! PS: My greetings to your wife. Much love from your boy, Mike
  14. Blue Fang

    Hey guys! I actually wanted to know what you guys think of me. i know its kinda weird but i actually wanna know. Curious how people see me. Thanks for your time!
  15. Blue Fang

    uhm 0.001/1000 Cuz your an Badman
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