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  1. HC Kai

    Yes 😏.
  2. HC Kai

    GOOD luck to all nominees!
  3. HC Kai

    Great guide Chanman! Excited to see more and more people getting involved with the community with these amazing guides!
  4. HC Kai

    reserved slot
  5. HC Kai

    Congratulations to all the winners!
  6. HC Kai

    Shame losing such an awesome player man. good luck with your future endeavors and I sincerely hope to see you online again!
  7. HC Kai

    Welcome to DreamScape homie! I hope you enjoy your stay!
  8. HC Kai

    Sounds pretty cool! People should be known for the grind they put in on arcade :).
  9. HC Kai

    Where’s xxxtentacion on this list!! Good list though 😉
  10. HC Kai

    True there is going to be some wide price ranges but atleast most major items should be done by end this week. Will be doing it in my freetime :).
  11. HC Kai

    PRICE GUIDE Going to be going through price guide soon and it would help me out if any of you had some things you saw in ::prices that need to be updated, want to get full price guide updated by the end of this week so we can start referring players to ::prices if they ask for price checks, and make our life a bit easier if we're stumped on a price! Thanks!
  12. HC Kai

    That icon looks amazing man good job! I'm not necessarily saying that they should be added to staff list or have staff permissions but just more or less have a rank in-game so they are more recognizable among users and users can contact them easier if they have a question about forums in-game, that's really all I was trying to get at, but again, pretty sexy icon :).
  13. HC Kai

    You sound awesome homie, we can PK in revs sometime :).
  14. HC Kai

    Yeah it'd pretty much be a rank recolor with sponsor perms,
  15. HC Kai

    What is the content called - Forum Moderator In-game rankHow does it work? - Forum Moderators will be given a rank in-game that's simply a recolored orange donator sign // or the forum moderator icon.What rewards does it give? - Allows players to be recognized for their expertise and dedication to the forums. (The rank would have sponsor permissions, ::ownercape access to sponsor instances and drop rate boost etc).How will it benefit server/players? - It will allow players to contact a forum moderator via in-game message and allow them to know if a forum moderator is available, even as your a forum moderator you can't be on forums 100% of the time, you may feel burnt out scrolling through forums and just want to chill out on DreamScape for a bit. This would allow to them to easily receive reports in-game if they weren't on forums and overall benefit others into becoming forum moderators and be rewarded for their efforts.How could it be expanded in the future? - Possibly add a special forum moderator rank in-game, with it's own perks and special permissions. Really want to hear some community feedback on this! What do you guys think? Is it a waste of time? Or a reward for our dedicated forums staff?