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    mission failed we'll get em next time
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  3. happy holidays noobs - hc kai
  4. What is the content called - Drop SoundsHow does it work? - When players receive a rare or ultra rare drop a noise or a ding will ring to alert them that they received a drop. I'll be honest there is sometimes where i'm pvming and simply not paying full attention to the screen so I could have easily missed a rare drop and disconnected, now obviously if you have a collectors necklace this doesn't apply to you but for new players who are just starting up, I feel like this would be a great help to them.What rewards does it give? - Allows players to multi-task more easily and make getting rare drops more "rewarding" in a sort of way.How will it benefit server/players? - How could it be expanded in the future? - There would be an option to enable/disable this, configure the sound for certain drops, only make the sound play when you receive an double-drop or ultra rare drop and exclude rare drops. Add a configuration of numerous sounds to choose from that plays when you receive a drop.What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) - The only "negative' effect I could think of would be people who are sensitive to sounds(they could also lower their volume). That's it! Please let me know if I missed any important aspects or this suggestion is flawed in any way. Thanks!
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    welcome back, there is a brand new update homie :3
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    Username: Hc Kai Rank: YouTuber Proof: https://gyazo.com/bed8ba7bed7b144dfddd91e133c51d76
  8. Username: Hc Kai Total In-Game Time: 16:9:42 Timezone: US Central Payouts (Screenshots): * UPDATED PAYOUTS * 11/29/2018 https://gyazo.com/d82a001fc396c2459dbfe1f0af30523e https://gyazo.com/78d56f745f0f40a29d45d09682b3d383 https://gyazo.com/df650683cba942bb86b4e7956f97126c https://gyazo.com/d364f039b137ac836898c78b23cad1ae https://gyazo.com/d82a001fc396c2459dbfe1f0af30523e https://gyazo.com/8bf3b72a9c951bc7c69b4d36726b224c https://gyazo.com/d82a001fc396c2459dbfe1f0af30523e https://gyazo.com/8bf3b72a9c951bc7c69b4d36726b224c https://gyazo.com/c25101ec702e59ada2d5c7c06ec7008e Bank (Screenshots): https://gyazo.com/73f4ac956d00244ce18af0f09465dbee https://gyazo.com/7964b92c152fcc95e2b01035bf01c02d Why should you be chosen to be a Trusted Host: I love gambling, even when it can be come a hassle and annoying sometimes I love the thrill of doing it. I love helping out people with price checks or anything out of the ordinary, I had a dice cc rank a while ago back when I believe Vl0ne was still the gambling manager, I believe the dice cc ranks were reset. I also frequently make gambling videos on my channel which I think brings some well-deserved publicity to DreamScape. I am very knowledgeable in all rules and understand when to be professional and when to joke around. I really do love the community at the dicezone and even if someone is cleaned they are all really chill and great people. I would love to help out the community even more by being a trusted dicer when there is no others online. I do actually enjoy actually playing dreamscape by itself however, I do spend most of my time in the dicezone chilling,gambling etc. I am ALWAYS recording, even it's doing for fun fp's. If something comes up or I need to go somewhere I always have a recording of what happened just in case I need to look away from my computer while i'm mming a fp. I can guide others who have never played fp or bj and explain to them the rules or link them to a gambling rules forum post. I feel that i'm somewhat known in the community and consider myself a regular. I do have school so I can't be online at all times but I will always balance out my schedule to at least be on 3 hours a day helping out at the dicezone. Also, especially in central timezone, (my timezone), there is mostly no trusted dicers online during the morning and most of time I sit there talking with others who need a middleman for their pots but can't seem to find one that's available. If someone was to report that they were scammed and had no video proof how would you handle the situation: I would tell them that if they don't have sufficient video proof of the scam occurring that there is nothing than can be done. I would also re-direct them to read the gambling rules and keep themselves up-to-date with all of the DreamScape policies. I would get another staff on scene if there was online or I would message them on discord to get an extra set of eyes on the situation, and find out if any further action would need to be taken.
  9. HC Kai

    To sum it all up, i have final exams about a week from now then it's summer for me. I will make some gambling videos this weekend but in a week or two expect 1-2 videos a day! Thanks for understanding! :p
  10. HC Kai

    NO VINCE!!!!!!! you were the best even though we had our ups and downs you're a legend mate!
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    In-Game Name:HC Kai Current Dice cc Rank (Only if one was already bought): None Rank Buying:Recruit Bank Picture: https://gyazo.com/21329cfed89b6a5d409949ec145f57c9
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    Same topic as xxyy lost everything and my bank due to gambling this time probably won't be returning, my birthday's coming up soon though may get something to donate with but if i dont then i really don't have any motviation to keep making videos or rebuild. So i guess this is goodbye forever or for now. only time will tell ~ HC Kai
  13. HC Kai

    just made a 40m dicing video of me never rolling over 50... wont even bother to upload it all i have is 1t cash left and a pink whip edit: now at 26b cash and 2 reg santa hats worth 10b each
  14. Hello Dafire! Was wondering if you could take a look at the pm i sent you! Would really appreciate it. Thanks you!