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  1. Scapeher0

    Hello, Poetry welcome to Dreamscape! I hope you enjoy the server and feel like you fit in! I've talked to you on discord and you seem like a cool guy! I hope to see you around the server, feel free to Pm me if you need help! Welcome to #DSGANG!!
  2. Looking forward to using that plat thumper!!
  3. Yes!! the long awaited Update to executive zone is here! My custom is in this too!! thank you CJ for all the hard work and time you put into this update!
  4. Scapeher0

    No Vouch, this is a future of DreamScape I would not like to see. Sorry but this is just going to be wide spread drama and massacre. Plus, we would have to change so many things about the game that would make a whole other RSPS.
  5. Scapeher0

    Iron-man is supposed to be a game mode, where you are on your own. This idea defeats the purpose of it, why not just play on normal account if you want to trade? Iron man is known for no trading with other players. This also would not be fair to current iron-man in the game as well.
  6. Scapeher0

    This would be a great idea! I know it would help me keep track of prices on items and other misc. stuff too!

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