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  1. conseQnz

    The work itself looks pretty nice tbh,but the lightning doesn't add up,the render has one lighting while the background has another,you should've tried to blend it all together to make or more of a 'one piece art' if you understand what i mean. Besides all that it look pretty good
  2. conseQnz

    I see this topic is pretty old,but as someone who has gone through multiple hours of recreating staff crowns,headers and whatnot i can say that it will not work. People are not used to big changes. Furthermore if you were to change these so called 'postbit' images you'd have to re-create forums as a whole to match it all together. Nonetheless,nice work,i like the polygon one,because others are too simplistic
  3. it's funny how no one knows who i am


  4. The graphic section is dead. Feels bad man

  5. You know how there is a Nvidia 3D setting (Performance-Quality) this is what i see in that font lmao. 1st one looks really jagged up and 2nd one is more clean. Other than that i wouldn't really call this is self made signature just because u added some text on an already made background. But maybe i am just too critic.
  6. conseQnz

    The font is pretty nice tho it is way too dark haha,why not give it a background or make it a bit brighter? or at least lower such a drastic contrast between black and green
  7. conseQnz

    dark-ish background with lil more texture and it would look really good
  8. Now i don't want to be rude,because you look like a beginner and believe me when i say my work was nothing better when i started,it looked sick af to me,but when i found my old work after 4 years it looked retarded :D anyway,about your work: 1st thing that bugs my eyes is that it's way too dark,you can barely read anything and i am not sure what you were trying to do with the shadows,but it's all over the place,in other words,the lightning doesn't add up to other words nor pieces you added to the signature tho i will say i like the crown style. Now,don't take this as an insult or anything,i am just trying to help you understand what you did wrong,i am sure it you fixed the lightning it would look 10 times better than it is now,all you need to do is watch some tutorials on YouTube,because you can see step by step how signatures are made + you will learn new things and don't forget that it takes time and practice to do something really nice. I am not a professional of any kind,but if you have questions regarding signature you can contact me and i will try to help you as much as i can
  9. conseQnz

    you missed only my designs *heart broken*
  10. conseQnz

    Oh i miss times with C4D,i remember it was so fun trying new things and all of that. now about the signature: i think you overdid with the Gradient,you should try doing a soft one instead of a really strong one,i looked at your other works and you are over doing it. In other words you need more practice and tutorials of different things (Talking from experience) ,i know you prob like doing the same style,but there are so many things you can find on youtube,i am sure you will like them other than that it's pretty decent,i don't see anything special here :))
  11. conseQnz

    Hello there fellow DreamScapers,i am back! for those who don't know me,my name is Sam,i used to be really unpopular here :D i think. Anyways,i used to be a Graphics Designer and well i guess i still am. My reason of disappearance is simple,i was (Still am) busy with a Project that i am doing. Pretty much i started doing something with my life instead of just sitting in front of computer screen and having fun all day (still sounds really great tho) ,but i guess it comes that time in life where you have to work and well you don't really have a lot of free time on your hands. For those who want to know what kind of Project i am doing - It's nothing special: It's like practice for being a nurse (Yes men are called nurses too) ,in Germany they're called Krankenpfleger *don't try too hard to spell it correctly* . So yeah,what else happened in my life,i got a new Laptop that is not a toaster made from wood,so that's that aaaaand since i had nothing on this new PC i am downloading Photoshop and illustrator again,so you will start to see my work again,hopefully something better than before or worse i am not sure yet. I guess i will end this here,i don't wanna write too much because i am sure most of you will just say welcome back! or something like that without even reading anything (sad but true),soo i guess we will see each other either in game on here on forums if you have any other questions or you just wanna chill and talk feel free to PM me Singing out, Sam
  12. conseQnz

    Not to be rude or anything,but i to be completely honest i expected to see more,since you had a whole month do prepare for this + i'd like to see some headlines for ex: "Promotions/Demotions" or "Introductions/Farewells" etc. and these lines to like really pop out of the sub-text. I just want to see like a real-ish news paper,where you can really see the headlines - the easier way to find the content you want to see,because at the moment it looks like mashed potatoes. Either way,these are just the things that I PERSONALLY think,would look great and it would improve the view of "Dreamers Monthly" P.S. Once again,this is not hate,only friendly criticism
  13. conseQnz

    Yeah it is pretty simple,only overlays and stuff,but still,it is really fun to do and the best part is that anyone could do this one
  14. conseQnz

    So i have been really inactive lately and that is because i have my German language course,so i have to study and everything,which takes time from me. Tho of course i do not want to leave this community that i have fell in love and i want to try out something that maybe we all could enjoy,that is "Face swap". I am sure a lot of you may know this from Snapchat filter which lets you swap your face with your friend or well anything that looks like a face,so my idea would be the same,just slightly different,by that i mean - instead of swapping just the faces of 2 persons,i want to try and swap either multiple faces or just any faces in general,maybe even try and just combine 2 persons into 1 i don't really know. to make things easier to understand,just send me 2 photos of which you want me to edit into something horrific or possibly funny looking,the choice is yours! P.S. Please do send,i love to do these kind of things
  15. Sorry for the in-activity lately,not feeling well...