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  1. If you remember me i love you

  2. it's funny how no one knows who i am


  3. The graphic section is dead. Feels bad man

  4. you missed only my designs *heart broken*
  5. Hello there fellow DreamScapers,i am back! for those who don't know me,my name is Sam,i used to be really unpopular here :D i think. Anyways,i used to be a Graphics Designer and well i guess i still am. My reason of disappearance is simple,i was (Still am) busy with a Project that i am doing. Pretty much i started doing something with my life instead of just sitting in front of computer screen and having fun all day (still sounds really great tho) ,but i guess it comes that time in life where you have to work and well you don't really have a lot of free time on your hands. For thos
  6. Not to be rude or anything,but i to be completely honest i expected to see more,since you had a whole month do prepare for this + i'd like to see some headlines for ex: "Promotions/Demotions" or "Introductions/Farewells" etc. and these lines to like really pop out of the sub-text. I just want to see like a real-ish news paper,where you can really see the headlines - the easier way to find the content you want to see,because at the moment it looks like mashed potatoes. Either way,these are just the things that I PERSONALLY think,would look great and it would improve the view of "Dre
  7. Sorry for the in-activity lately,not feeling well...

  8. Still got some GFX work to do..but when i am free,feel free to submit a request of a work you want ;0

  9. I love those memories that make me smile no matter what is going on in my life right now

  10. Yes! I was waiting for the event and overall the update seems very nice tho i bet there will be bugs in agility,so i suggest everyone try agility out and find those damn ugly bugs :p
  11. Have a nice time off the server see you tomorrow
  12. Amazing update! Looking forward to camping a boss lmao
  13. Happy to see people coming back looking forward to meet you
  14. I feel ya @DrL,this community is one if not the best that i know of ❤ most of the time servers are full of cocky immature kids who act tough,rage,flame and if they see a free spot they appeal for staff... anyway,i really feel like we're just a big family enjoying a game together and that's how a community should be. Even tho i haven't made any friends here,i still feel like i m always welcome here tho it would be cool if signatures were back,so i could make some for the community :D
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