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  1. Its Mr Mg

    Ahh fair enough. I just thought it was gambling in general.
  2. Its Mr Mg

    Sounds good, however how would the game recognise that you've lost a game of Flower Poker? Is there a new command for trusted dicers to add a loss/win?
  3. Its Mr Mg

    IGN; Mr Mg Time Zone: EST
  4. Its Mr Mg

    Looking at the replies, it seems some people don't want to make it fair for the low-tier gear ironman people too so why not do this good old event: You ask us all to choose a number say between 1-1000, we all reply to the thread with our number, then you go to a random number generator website and choose 3 numbers for 3 winners (however many winners you are doing is the amount of numbers) and whoever is the closest to the number gets a prize. 1. It's fair as hell and randomised winners 2. Everybody can enter (not killing with gear etc) 3. It's way more fun than grinding out a winner! On top of that, thanks for hosting an event for ironmen, I look forward to competing!
  5. Its Mr Mg

    Okay so this just happened too......
  6. Its Mr Mg

    Oh boy, I can't even explain the server's reaction LOL
  7. Here I was thinking all my luck had ran out on the server, then this happened...I don't even know how to feel :D As you can see, within 24 kills I received 2x Chaos Elemental Jr's and 1x Chaos Elemental Platelegs...It's been a long while since I got a loot and to get 3 like that feels like heaven! Please don't hate on me for my luck, it is all RNG if you're dry just keep the kills coming and the loots will come with it!
  8. Its Mr Mg

    Thanks for the event Phoenix! My favourite colour is Cyan My IGN is Mr Mg Good luck to all other participants remember, we love you all
  9. Its Mr Mg

    Congratulations Zeven! I used to play with you back in the day when we were both regulars look how far you've come! Awesome dedication dude, I wish I'd stuck to one account like you I would like to choose the number 138 and good luck to everybody else! Thanks for hosting an event Zeven!
  10. Its Mr Mg

    Oh sweet I finally won something! Congrats to everybody K3