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  1. Mr Mg coming in hottt, will probably be on my alt acc Dice Luck.
  2. Its Mr Mg

    I am entering with the SPONSOR rank. Suggestion 1: Add a Sponsor Lottery, this could be a system where we enter the lottery with Sponsor Points in return for items that vary in price depending on the entry fee. Suggestion 2: Make a Sponsor Cosmetic Set that we can buy from the Sponsor Point store. This could be anything pink really but could be something really worth showing off. Suggestion 3: Add an option to turn off the NPC Killcount upon killing an enemy. This can be very annoying if we are getting fast kills as it spams the chat box. Thanks for hosting the event Drax, this could be a great development method for the server! Good luck to everyone who enters! Love you all xoxo
  3. Its Mr Mg

    I wanna play! These are fun events :D Mr Mg GMT
  4. Its Mr Mg

    So the time has come guys, after 5 years of playing the absolute best RSPS, I've finally decided that my road has come to an end. I have made some great friends over the years and have had some truly amazing times. I would like to pay a big thank you to all of the staff team for doing an amazing job with the server. The server has been a big part of my life over the years and I will always be grateful for having the chance to play it, but my time is up and it's time for me to leave behind this game. Should I ever return to the server I hope it is doing just as good as it is when I left, and I have no doubt that in years to come I will return, because lets face it, DSGANG is always going to be a part of my life and I will want to pop in to say hello. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and may the gods of the RNG be in everyone's favor. This is Mr Mg, signing off. Signed with love now and forever. DSGANG ❤️
  5. Its Mr Mg

    - Rework the Sponsor point store, it is a little outdated and none of the prizes are worth spending points on over the milks next to him. Some items like shadow/elemental armour, cerberus boots etc...even if they cost 100,000 points it would be more fun to go for than the likes of Pink Santa. - Make some lower tier upgradable items. I've noticed there are no low tier range/mage weps that are upgradable so maybe add a glock(u)...and inga sword(u)...any small things really would make a change for starters. - Change diglet to not use the whole cave but maybe only a small section of it. It's too hard to do now with all the running especially without collector neck. A small tweak could fix it 😛
  6. Its Mr Mg

    Okay so I have a few goals for 2019, these are going to be tough but certainly do-able within a year! With the recent option to be banned from the ::dicezone I will no longer be able to gamble away my bank and should be able to keep money for myself from now on. Here are my goals: - Obtain Executive Rank. - Hold 500Q cash at one time (that belongs to me). - Complete the Extreme Arcade at least one time. - Complete the Duo Arcade at least one time. - Reach at least 120 Scavenger. - Reach 750,000 NPC Kills. (244K at time of post) Those are my goals of 2019, please post a thread with your own goals so I can see what people hope to achieve! Love from Mg
  7. Its Mr Mg

    KNOCK KNOCK Who's there? STOPWATCH Stopwatch who? STOPWATCHA DOIN' AND SELL ME A $50 DONATION FOR THE GOODIEBAG! - Mr Mg, good luck everyone may the best joke win! -
  8. Its Mr Mg

    Awesome!!! ? Thanks for hosting such a fun event @Robin026
  9. Its Mr Mg

  10. Its Mr Mg

    Hi Santa!! I know you've been looking down on me this year so you will know that I have been a good lil' piggy. This year I'm not asking for much so I hope you can get them for me! Here's my list. Mr Mg's List: 1. A Turkey Pet, I don't want it as a pet but I forgot to buy one for my Christmas dinner, whoops. 2. A Beer to wash down the lovely dinner. 3. Snowballs so I can get my brother back for last year, he better be on your naughty list for that by the way. 4. An Extreme Strength Potion (4) so I can throw those snowballs at my brother a lot harder than he did to me. 5. This is the most important one Santa so please don't forget it, I forgot to get my girlfriend something this year so please don't judge me on this, but A Dubby's Favourite would be great. Thankyou to Santa's little helper for hosting this Event, I hope you can get my letter to Santa in enough time to get me the things I need! I also wish the other good boys this year the BEST OF LUCK on their lists!
  11. This event was a little hard to find much difference from the christmas ghost outfit without a big budget but here's my santa who appears to be carrying his sack of presents with his beloved candy cane and it seems he's built a snowman for himself too! If you ask me he'd look pretty sexy if he shaved that beard and went for the 5 o'clock shadow GOOD LUCK TO EVERYBODY!
  12. Its Mr Mg

    Ahh fair enough. I just thought it was gambling in general.