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  1. Hostility

    Ez win for the iron boi Hostility IGN
  2. Hostility

    Nay, I haven't, I'm just interested in seeing this minigame revived because it's really fun, there's a reason the old Teamspeak and Discord had, and currently do have a zamorak/saradomin voice chat.
  3. Hostility

    Revamp the rewards not only to make it worthwhile to play gp/h wise, but something to help out ironmen a bit too, the boxing gloves are already a good start seeing as that's the only reasonable way to get a pair, but perhaps add respective castle wars armor with mid-game(?) stats, something to work for and have to bridge the gap between early and endgame gear grinds, or even a few unreleased cosmetics to get people really wanting to play for those rares Reduce the game length, right now I believe it's around 12 (?) minutes a game, should reduce it to maybe 5 so you can play more games an hour, and spend less time just practically doing nothing (most CW games i've seen started as of recent people just afk for the duration and tie)
  4. Some sort of double points event weekend such as, Double Arcade tokens, Double CWars points (ontop of the revival previously mentioned) or double points per win/kill in battleground Obviously wouldn't be able to have all of these going at once, but it'd be something nice to look into, and would definitely get minigames like Castle Wars and Battlegrounds running on their own again without the need to entice goodie bag prizes, and even then that's usually not even enough
  5. NAME/IN-GAME NAME: Hostility AGE: 19 TIME PLAYED IN GAME: HOW DO YOU SEE YOURSELF BENEFITING #BOBSPLAN: I bring the freshest memes, and the most fine battlegrounds skills you've ever seen. ROUGH BANK ESTIMATE: 30Q DO YOU SEE YOURSELF FITTING IN WITH THE MOST EXECUTIVE CLAN MOVEMENT ON DREAMSCAPE?: bro... u already know, I fit in with this clan like peanut butter and jelly.
  6. Hostility

    Something neat to see would be a special group instance of sorts where any Ironman can join regardless of gear, participate and get a static reward (similar to grand lottery, say the static reward is 5x a random box every time) ((That seems like a lot of boxes, but what are the ironmen gonna do, ruin the economy?)) And the top players damage would get a better reward (Obviously) perhaps similar to how raids ranking works. That or host some castle wars event, us ironmen need those boxing gloves you know. I'm a pleb that goes by "Hostility" ingame
  7. Hostility

    1. 16 (because epok said he got one right in yell, and he put lol beside his guess Kappa) 2. 24 3. 33 4. 22 5. 21 6. 24 This is fun, I like these.
  8. Hostility

    FeelsBadMan I'll miss you in the discord, hopefully this wont be this last CX you'll see me post. Cx ~False Hopes
  9. Hostility

    It was organized at one point, then raid1 autobanking items happened lmao.
  10. Title says it all, none of the items achieved have been donated for, I do participate in giveaways though. Chest/Keys/CBA to organize tab Expensive-ish items, big mess, nice items. Raid/Magegray Current gear loadout Nothing fancy, will update next month XoXo. Rest of the tabs are just junk i honestly cba to organize or empty, so..
  11. Hostility

    Grats on 200 pleblord, 300 soon? #104 easy win.
  12. Hostility

    Gonna be participating on my Ironman (Hostility) but claiming prize if I win on my hardcore (HC Hostility) if that's fine with you.