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  1. IGN Hostility Discord: false hopes#8392 Here to finally slap all u noobies lmao
  2. IGN: Hostility Discord: false hopes#8392 Last time I entered one of these I got skipped, here's to a new light
  3. IGN: Hostility Discord: false hopes#8392
  4. That's basically what the final area currently is, the instanced area for ironmen, nowhere to run just to fight, which I'd like to avoid because there's more to survivng than just outgearing your opponent and killing them, E.G spearing people into blades when they're frozen. You could just make the whole minigame release tick poison damage until it concludes after the game length reaches a certain point (say 5-10 mins) similar to how the game automatically poisons you until you move
  5. There's something about PVP that sets people off, I'm not entirely sure what it is and i've fallen victim to it; that being said people getting warned for saying "fuck you" or swearing in the minigame is absurd, there's much bigger things to focus on than players swearing I'm sure. And as for the RNG fest, i've had games where I got rune knives and a guthix staff and I ran around the map camping for keys and brought it back and won, it's about survival more that it is PVP knowledge, the game is always going to be RNG, but there's a lot of steps you can take to prevent HOW rng it is and the skillcap for it. Glad to know you like the reward coffer idea, I think it could be a good addition, could even announce "USER has placed (amount) of 1B Tickets inside the battlegrounds reward coffer!" to let people know there's a prize on the line or something.
  6. Cooldowns on teleports (say you cant tele unless you've been out of combat (spider or player) for 10 seconds or so, would prevent extreme length game griefing
  7. I'm not sure how to really start off this thread, but a couple of things need to be addressed about how Battlegrounds is being changed and devalued from everything it was upon release. 1. Recent update logs As most of you are aware (of if you've read the update logs at all) you'll have noticed that the Battlegrounds "Final area" Sends the top 5 players remaining to a smaller arena with 1 chest to reduce game time, a change that's practically killed the minigame and drastically lowered the skill ceiling overall (Not that there was one to begin with, a few people know what they're doing, but everyone else is just noobs, and I'm sure thats what they're trying to cater to.) In the update log below, it's stated that the sole aim of battlegrounds is " You have to find the best outstanding strategy to be the very last survivor and win the match, with AMAZING rewards to ensure, you haven't gone through all the harsh for free." Which is great, the recent update log prevented players from "Running around the game and farming keys to extend the game length" This has completely devalued the entire aim of the minigame, finding "the best outstanding strategy" Players that are able to avoid other players for long enough to create a comeback for themselves should be allowed to do so, that was the point of a PvP minigame afterall, no? For players to strategize how to win, and might I add SURVIVE. This minigame isn't meant to be an RNG-fest catered toward newer players, and anyone that believes it is is completely delusional. 2. Rules of the Minigame From what I've seen, recently and in the over 200 games I've personally won on my Ironman, a major rule I've seen other players and staff enforce is "No teaming" To explain what this means to people who may have never played, teaming is when one or more players (usually friends, sometimes randoms) sit outside in the multi arena (or singles arena) and attack the strongest players to get rid of them first (This is also another survival strategy, taking out the strongest players first so you reduce the competition, see a pattern here?) I'm not too sure why this is a rule and it's being enforced when over 70% of the battleground arena is a Multi-Combat zone which means you can attack multiple enemies. This is all I've really seen enforced alongside "Stop stalling the minigame and let them kill you" but I addressed that above. 3. Potential Changes/Quality of Life 1. Remove the "Final area" restriction, let players run around and waste time, the aim of this game is to survive, hence why "Survival Points" are lower than "Slaughter points" It's easy to kill people, it's difficult to stay alive. 2. Establish SOME sort of "official rules" for what behavior is allowed in and outside the minigame. 3. This is a PvP minigame. Players get angry, players get toxic. That's how PvP is, no one's immune to it, seen a ton of people get muted or warned because they said something like "fuck off" when they died in the minigame. Let players have a little PvP banter, it's perfectly fine as long as they don't get too out of hand, which can be up to staff member discretion provided a player report is sent in. 4. A lot of Ironmen don't like to play this minigame when players host it because they can never claim the prize that's being hosted unless given by an admin, so I propose something entirely different. A "rewards coffer" of sorts. Players can choose to put 1b Tickets inside the coffer for the next game, and the winner of the next game that runs can collect their winnings from the coffer or it can be sent to their collection chest (similar to upgrading) 5. Revamp the store, add some new cosmetics or rewards, right now no one wants to play it unless players are offering prize money, people should want to play this minigame like they want to grind arcade or revenants. That and the rewards are garbage for how much effort you have to put into winning/getting a game started. Similar to the start, I'm not sure how to end this off, so here's a flex of my current BG spoils Any other concerns or feedback on my proposed changes/proposals would be greatly appreciated in further replies, would love to have a discussion about this.
  8. Nice update but what's the point in making battlegrounds more of a "you got good items so you'll win" fest rather than actual game knowledge/skill? Seems kinda pointless but I guess it'll help out a few people so pretty good overall.
  9. Hostility

    Not really sure where to put this but i've seen a bunch of bug reports in this specific section so here we go. The wiki specifically states that the Corporeal Beast pet has a 15% droprate boost (checks out) 10% increased damage, and 10% reduced damage This had been a bug (I believe it's a bug, if it isn't the wiki and description when I purchased my pet with loyalty points is extremely outdated) for an extremely long time (probably since it got released) and I haven't seen anything anywhere stating this is intended mechanically. (I also believe I am not taking any reduced damage whatsoever, but the droprate given on the wikia is correct and added accordingly) Here's me with the pet out (909 unpotted max) and with the pet in my inventory Again if this is intended and the wiki is just wrong, ignore me but if possible pls change the wiki so people don't get jebaited
  10. IGN: Hostility/HC Hostility Discord: false hopes#8392 the BG king has returned to win again
  11. Hostility

    Ez win for the iron boi Hostility IGN
  12. Hostility

    Something neat to see would be a special group instance of sorts where any Ironman can join regardless of gear, participate and get a static reward (similar to grand lottery, say the static reward is 5x a random box every time) ((That seems like a lot of boxes, but what are the ironmen gonna do, ruin the economy?)) And the top players damage would get a better reward (Obviously) perhaps similar to how raids ranking works. That or host some castle wars event, us ironmen need those boxing gloves you know. I'm a pleb that goes by "Hostility" ingame
  13. Hostility

    FeelsBadMan I'll miss you in the discord, hopefully this wont be this last CX you'll see me post. Cx ~False Hopes
  14. Hostility

    It was organized at one point, then raid1 autobanking items happened lmao.

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