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  1. Seems like its a common problem for a lot of players this haha. At least you don't get rid of your pvm gear! -Chilledout
  2. I have noticed a lot of people have seen this post. Please can everyone leave their feedback even if its negative. This is so the DS team can see if it is something the community wants. The more support on this post it gets the faster it would get implemented. Obviously if you don't like the idea also leave your feedback on why, or how it can be made better for the same reasons. Thanks -Chilledout
  3. Welcome to the DSGang! Hope you enjoy the server -Chilledout
  4. What is the content called Pause aggression potion timer How does it work? Use a command maybe ::pauseagg and it pauses the time left on your aggression potion. (maybe add a 10 minute penalty?) What rewards does it give? No reward it just pauses your aggression timer How will it benefit server/players? If a player accidentally drinks a potion, or drinks a potion where it doesn't affect the bosses such as zones it won't be wasted as they are not cheap. Also a good use if you was semi afking something and selling an item in yell at the same time you wouldn't have to lose money to lea
  5. What type of content is it?: GamblingWhat is the content called: The GamblerHow does it work?: An npc at gambling zones. You can gamble the npc like you would a normal player. (flower poker can maybe be done in personal chat rather than actually placing flowers. This will help with lag issues and easier to code ( I imagine anyway)What rewards does it give?: it would double any items/cash you gamle. Untrable and 1 off items can't be gambled to save ecoHow will it benefit server/players?: Players can always bet what they want. No waiting for people who want to gamble the same amount or will acce
  6. Thought it might be a good thread of what people do all day on DS? Do you do anything unusual or do you grind all day? let us know. I mostly bank stand and pvm (mostly skotizo and hydra) -Chilledout
  7. Welcome back! Nice to see more returning players around here. -Chilledout
  8. Think this is a great idea. Slayer does need revamping. Would be a great addition to the server. Is there any more you can expand on it and more ideas about the chest? and do you think it will have any downside to the server such as inflation of items? -Chilledout
  9. Ingame name: Chilledout Rank: Sponsor Proof: https://gyazo.com/5fea5790fa067f44680da62c5d196620
  10. Got to be McDonalds. I mean if I got to eat really bad junk food then might as well have the most processed and least nutritional while still tasting the best 🤣
  11. Thank you, Gives me a better idea of what it is haha. Seems like the dye shop is still there but infinity dyes are not included. The deeper I go the more I think this might be the last one in game 🤔 -Chilledout
  12. Strange question. I have 1 red infinity dye. I cant find anywhere to get it and there is no sale history in pos. I'm wondering if it is possible to get it and if not does anyone have it? This is because if you cant get it anymore (I'm sure you probably can) then I'm wondering if I have the only one in the game? I have asked around with staff, players and help cc and so far no one seems to know. Any help would be appreciated. -Chilledout
  13. Hello, This suggestion might be a little controversial. My suggestion is to scrap the price guide page on wiki. 90% of it is out dated, a lot of items are not included on there. I believe it is worth removing the page altogether. The reasoning for this is it must be a huge undertaking to keep it updated as prices change all the time. It gives a lot of players a false sense in price too. As it is easy to pc an item in the market for players it would be worth removing the page so wiki editors could focus on maintaining and adding pages for other things. Maybe
  14. First I know there is a few gear guides and the wiki has good info on gear. The problem is what full set up to go for next. What I would like to see is a clear guide on what set ups to start with moving what to end with, mage, melee and ranged. this will show a clear progression path to your next set up, what you should be saving for or donating for if you are going for end game items. there is a lot of people always asking (me included) on what items they should get next. such as, what cape they should go for after a skotizo cape. Also the cape page on wiki
  15. Ah, I don't have it so didn't know lol -Chilledout
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