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  1. Dr Gee

    I present to you..... Seraphina, Queen of Falador In game name: 2rich 2die https://imgur.com/u9UMxOs https://imgur.com/uyRAaGJ https://imgur.com/bHfZtvt https://imgur.com/SPDGgYG https://imgur.com/Ee6lzbH https://imgur.com/yoHg0Vs
  2. Dr Gee

    IGN: "Dr gee" / "punanii" Enjoy :D https://ibb.co/geYT7v https://ibb.co/nf36ua https://ibb.co/gjeqLF
  3. Dr Gee

    I've got 300k followers on Instagram, I could just advertise there :')
  4. Dr Gee

    OMG hahaha thank you so much <3
  5. Dr Gee

    In Game Name: Punanii Hope you guys like this outfit :D