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  1. 2rich2die

    I have had many people pm me regarding issues with voting or voting rewards etc. I think this is a great idea, it is a simple and effective voting rewards system that all players can efficiently use. I Vouch for this suggestion.
  2. 2rich2die

    Hey there Alex, welcome to the Dreamscape community! Thank you for introducing yourself it's always the best meeting new people. I look forward to meeting you in game, hopefully we can have a chat sometime!
  3. 2rich2die

    Incredible starter guide, so much details, this had to be done. Thanks a lot for sharing with the community appreciate it and well done !
  4. 2rich2die

    Welcome back my man, it's great to hear from you again that is quite a story, I'm glad you have successfully recovered from anything. Remember if you need anything, someone to talk to, the Dreamscape community is here, we are one and we all have your back. It would be wonderful to meet you, hopefully we can catch up in game some time and have a chat. Looking forward to it
  5. 2rich2die

  6. 2rich2die

    IGN - 2rich 2die I think you should kill 5k abyssal sire's do it, and you get 50m cash from me, you have my word. Although this would take you weeks and months of grinding, i'd like to see you get a bugatti or lambo drop.
  7. 2rich2die

    Thanks for sharing this suggestion with us, I agree with @HC Canada a simple fix that would allow the space invader pet to be used in the wilderness would probably be the best approach to this. However, I do like the idea of combining items to stack all that xp, but there really wouldn't be a point. It would kind of be the same thing, I mean it's no hassle to wear all those xp booster items anyways. I'm sorry to say but it's a no vouch from me regarding the combining of items 😞
  8. 2rich2die

    IGN - 2rich 2die RANK - Extreme Donator 1: Make an extreme donator only cape, perhaps a blue one with gold/white trimmed + a nice smoke effect with it. 2: Have an extreme donator only boss/raid that drops something like a new extreme pet or extreme armour set (also blue + gold/white trimmed) 3: Add a skilling area for extreme donators that gives double exp or so while in that zone, also extreme points can be rewarded for skilling, or some other benefit to it.
  9. Thanks for the update! Loving the new endless mode arcade as well as the goodieboxes
  10. 2rich2die

    Congratulations to all the winners and good luck on your prizes!
  11. Incredible update! let's see who the first person will be to earn one of those pets
  12. 2rich2die

  13. 2rich2die

    I like the idea of the early game revamp, but if you would like to see some changes, head over to the suggestions in the forums and express your thoughts, they may be taken into consideration. Thanks for sharing with us!
  14. 2rich2die

  15. 2rich2die