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  1. So my account get banned and i recover my account to find out all of my valuable items are gone!? worth over 5q in items and cash just disappeared... i do not understand how this is allowed nor how this even happened... you guys tried to refund my items but its no where near what i had.. the biggest thing is my american torva (u) and american boxing gloves that was not given to me. How does this happen? I'm sure some of the players that know me can vouch that i had american torva (u) and those am boxing gloves. I don't even want to play anymore i'm so upset. 

    1. Yvez


      I checked your ban reasons, bans for advertising are rather big.. Regardless It's a shame seeing your items disappeared if you need with these situation you should create a ::support or click Here to create a support ticket. It's completely 100% your decision if you decide to play or nor, but either way good luck with your times. 

    2. Hc Cat Nip

      Hc Cat Nip

      i know the ban reasons.. i proved that it was not me advertising. I made a support ticket and that was the response i got.. they can refund some items but not all do to lack of info. Its probably because i have no proof like photo/videos etc.. because i don't youtube or have had any reason to screen shot anything. I just don't understand how while my account was banned my items go missing it makes no sense. 

  2. Hc Cat Nip

    Thank you so much for the chance to win zeven !! My number will be : 32 Congrats on the huge achievement that's insane! Good luck to everyone! love you all P.S : Dreamscape wouldn't be the same without you .. K3
  3. Hc Cat Nip

    thank you so much for the event! IGN: Hc Cat Nip Favorite color is : Green! Good luck everyone! :D
  4. Hc Cat Nip

    Thank you for the chance to win ! awesome giveaway.. good luck to everyone !! :D
  5. Hc Cat Nip

    HC Cat Nip- I pick lucky number 32 bb gl everyone