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    Goodluck in the future buddy! Make sure to keep in contact with me and hit me up when you wanna play some other game k3 -Mark *PS: you're bad at league*
  2. MarkDS

    Personally, they're fine as they are in my opinion. However, if you do plan on suggesting to revamp them, how about writing what kind of stuff they can give? Such as what the common loot is going to be and more. Currently im at a Semi-Vouch -Mark
  3. MarkDS

    Dang this could do a lot of things, I really like the idea of having multiple items needed to upgrade such as ring of wealth i, scroll and the ring. Possibly you could add more items on to it to upgrade it, such as a collectors necklace so that it picks up drops :* Just a suggestion though Vouch -Mark
  4. MarkDS

    So as many of you know, we've launched our Dreamscape SNAPCHAT! Our Snapchat is a brand new innovative way for you to communicate with other players, staff members and other people who decide to add it! So why should I add you guys? We host daily events only available to those in Snapchat, sneak peeks at upcoming updates, random polls and facts and more that we cant disclose just yet. Plus, we'll be doing DAILY MEMES just for you! And I promise they'll be dank cause they're made by yours truly What communicating methods do you have? We have many different methods that players can communicate with staff members and other players. For starters, you can message the account directly and you'll get a response from either me or any other staff member who is on the account at that time. Also, we have many different groups that you can be placed into to communicate with the players inside that set group! This will be status and rank exclusive meaning if you are a sponsor, you'll be able to join the sponsor group. Some of the groups that we have currently We're planning to make more groups also! So if you have any more suggestions for possible groups, send me a message through Snapchat or in game If you wish to join one of these groups, add the Snapchat account and message it "I want to join (Group name)" and send me evidence of you having that specific rank. Shortly after you'll be added to the group if there's enough spaces left in there. So how do I add you guys? Our Snapchat name is called "DsGangMedia" anyone can add this account and anyone will be accepted by the account! ^ You can scan this to add the account without typing the name in. Rules of Snapchat 1. No Hard Drug References 2. No Hard Racism such as intentional 3. No harassment of any sort in the groups. 4. Most importantly.. NO NUDES, yes I'm looking at you Hcwho and Jmart 5. Just have fun and be yourself :D Hope to see you guys soon!
  5. So, I want to be like the cool kids so i'm joining the train like Chilladin did. Feel free to post below questions you've got for me and i'll answer them in depth and as fast as I can! This can be personal or anything, i'm doing this so you guys know me better
  6. MarkDS

    As the previous players have said, I agree with the fact that something should be done with the max cape however I think giving them 1000+ prayer bonus would be useless. Also, I really like the idea that people have stated about the capes being able to be customizable to suit your tastes, colorwise atleast. However, as chilladin said, getting 99 on normal isn't difficult at all so how about only having this function be accessible to hardcore players and above, and while you're at it, how about giving them decent stats such as hybrid stats that's worse than the slayer capes but better than blue death cape. -Vouch
  7. MarkDS

    I agree with this idea however how daut said, it would be hard to control all of the everchanging prices we have in Dreamscape. However, it would be a great idea to have items be in ascending order as well as descending, and possibly alphabetical. As well as having you be able to hover over the items to see how much they're selling it for and how many of those items they have. Vouch
  8. I consider cereal to be a salad with the milk being the dressing. However what ever floats your boat.
  9. My favourite anime has to be Zero no Tsukaima or as the english call it, familiar of zero. What can I say, im a sucker for romance anime, especially when it has a tsundere thawing from her frozen exterior. Anyway, if it isnt a romance anime, it'll probably be Bleach cause man that was whack watching it as a kid. I'll be perfectly honest, I can keep this conversation going forever since I love every anime I watch, except boku no pico. That can just go away.
  10. MarkDS

    This is quite a good idea, my favourite part about it is the custom tool related to the skill such as a flame pickaxe or golden fishing rod. For herblore, you could have a blown up afro because its linked to science :D On the other hand, we do have skilling pets which give people a reason to skill however thats all about luck getting them and not for 150m xp.
  11. I've never done drugs in my life and I dont plan to, heck I havent even smoked weed before due to it being illegal here, However I would love to have the effect of being on drugs without all of the bad after effects *forgot the actual word like a derp*
  12. Hmhm if I could start ANY conspiracy theory it would be that anime actually exists and that the government is hiding all of the waifus from us all for their selves. Either that or that the oxygen we breathe is actually a drug that makes us hallucinate what we actually see and that whenever people take drugs, they see the world for what it is. Hmhm, I'm a sucker for romance anime and my all time favorite one is Zero no Tsukaima, it's pretty good. However, the first anime that I've actually ever seen is Demon King Daimao and I remember watching that when it came out good memories. Though wasnt good for my 9-10 year old self, way too erotic
  13. To be honest, I havent thought of that ever however now that I have, i wonder where my life would have went. Wouldn't have met people who have shaped my life into what it is and so on Lets not make this mushy now shall we?
  14. I did get the reaction however I couldnt record it, lets say it was a mix of shocked, surprised, not impressed, feeling of wanting to disown me and laughter.
  15. MarkDS

    Holy sugar really wasn’t expecting this! Congratulations to the winners also!
  16. MarkDS

    Ooooh congratulations to the winners! aren't you guys lucky Can't wait to see more generous events hosted by #DSGANG -Mark
  17. Dang this is THE biggest i've ever seen! Thank you to the developers for taking the time and creating all of this for us! Cant wait to see the future updates -Mark
  18. MarkDS

    Dang this means a lot seeing this K3 I love how you think im "innocent", thats where you're wrong kiddo Thank you for taking the time and making this :D, really brought a smile to my face -Mark
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    Welp might as well join in
  21. Well thats one way to start an introduction :D Welcome to the server bud! If you have any questions feel free to pm me in game -Mark
  22. MarkDS

    Dang, nice video buddy Cant wait to see more Dont know how i feel about the facecam though, seems like I completely forgot to watch the actual opening and was focusing more on your face Goodluck in the future SwimmerBoy -Mark
  23. MarkDS

    Oooh, I really like this idea however as much as I like it, the old one has a nostalgic feel to it. I would say if they did add this, make it so that you can switch to whichever you want for example if you want this one, you can click a button and it will always show this whereas if you want the original, you can have the original. Nice job buddy -Mark
  24. MarkDS

    Dang thank you for the generous words <3 I'll always be the trivia god dont worry -Mark