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  1. Vouch some boxes already have a way to check the content There’s a button at ::mydeals that shows boxes contents (smb, deram, don, ultra), but a command as suggested would make our lives much easier. btw: wiki has and outdated info about 2k19 boxes that made me spent over 2b openning it XD (theres no more prod cape inside 😰)
  2. I love those type challenges and how Vaider always surprise us (K3), since he is the staff that mostly hosts it (thanks Lord Vaider). not sure if this would work, since it would remove the surprise moment
  3. For revamps What type of content is it? (QoL, Gambling, Raids, Bosses, Minigames, Event, etc) Add some itens to the shop and remove some outdated one What's the current issue? I see bis pet (shadow), another amazing pet (baby yoda), but I dont see desc in there 😅 There’s a lot of great itens that could be added to the “bond” shop. - (skull) desc - (skull) desc offhand - battle pass n skips - toxic torva 🤪🤪 What's your suggested way of fixing it? Add some new itens in the shop. Since the ppl wont make a “big dono” and buy step by step, I
  4. AYE I wont sing, but i would love to see this event going on haha
  5. For revampsWhat's the current issue? After read @VV1ll idea of Auction house for customs, i had an idea. Revamp the Item lottery to put some old stuff back in the game (not sure if the staff can check the itens from banned players). What's your suggested way of fixing it? Add a weekly item lottery (make a way to have at least a "X" numbers needed to activate the lottery, but dont have a limit), which will be capped the players entry by IP/MAC IP (so you wont be able to entry multiple times). How will this benefit player/server? Would remove some cash from t
  6. For new contentWhat is the content called Not sure how to call it (I'm not a creative person ☹️) How does it work? You get a new item by combining "The power stone", "Power fist" and "Power arrow" and maybe give a better damage bonus. Or maybe add a new item that is used to combine them. What rewards does it give? Just a tribrid arrow slot item. How will it benefit server/players? Would be easier in some activities where you need 3 styles. How could it be expanded in the future? Maybe the item that is needed to combine those can be a drop from a
  7. Imo they would need to add a $$ (donation?) since the mh and offhand have different prices in donation store.
  8. Welcome to DS. If you wanna learn more about DS, feel free to join the discord. 😉
  9. For revampsWhat's the current issue? Just a mystery box as a reward What's your suggested way of fixing it? Add a new prize pool if answered correct (instead of a regular mystery box, player gets an event box), and maybe 1 achievement point (?) Since there’re some achievements for answering trivia, put a limit on how many trivias a player can answer each hour (just like the type challenge). How will this benefit player/server? More players will be able to complete the achievements. How could this be expanded in future? Add more trivia questions What
  10. Some itens i really think should stay untradeable, just as you quote, the fero gloves. But why make some tradeable and the others untradeable (quoting the bis arrow slot itens), maybe make those other 2 untradeable either? i remember back in the days when the space boxing gloves become untradeable and made a lot of players angry (that time it was bis). So, not sure about making tradeable itens into untradeable.
  11. For revampsWhat's the current issue? There are some similar itens that could be tradeable. Since some days ago the diabolic bow was made tradeable, i was wondering “why not make wand of voldemort/voldemort dream staff tradeable either?” Another item that come to my mind was “The power stone”, “why the ranged one ‘power arrow’ and the melee one ‘power fist’ are tradeable and the mage one ain’t?” (Not sure if they have the same chance to get) What's your suggested way of fixing it? Make those itens tradeable too (accept some other suggestions on this post, I believe the
  12. For revampsWhat's the current issue? Avengers raid only giving regular tokens and a really small chance on the new black panther armour/thanos pet What's your suggested way of fixing it? Create a new token system for it. And add a “Avenger box”, like the one from DC. Add a killcount for the raid, where you would need a certain amount to access more content in the shop. Since we already have so many armours ingame, just make a cosmetic armour from other heroes (beside black Panther). Create a new item (untradeable), which you could buy after 1000 (maybe
  13. You can use the cash on the vending machine, 100m each coin 😀 Suggestion: Create a new shop for ironman only, which you could buy some goodieboxes (not the op ones (emp neck, emp ring, thumper and seasonal), since you can change the game mode later)
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