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  1. Love Nutella

    For the past 2-3 months i've had play a lot. But now it is time for a break. Maybe i will be back in a few months. Thanks everyone for a great time together 😁
  2. Yayyyy Gladly to hear that my suggestion has been heard 😄 Nice update !!
  3. Well, since i got cleaned (again), i'm trying to rebuild by killing those guardians. I might go for 100k kills or just try to get all the drops. Currently kc: 2700. Drops: none.
  4. Love Nutella

  5. Love Nutella

    IGN: Love Nutella Rank: Executive Proof:
  6. Love Nutella

    I was thinking about adding a command that would work as the "collection log" from OSRS. That would be nice to "complete" all rare/ultrarare drops from the bosses 😄
  7. Love Nutella

    Gratz Winter51 on the platinum 😄
  8. Love Nutella

  9. Love Nutella

  10. Love Nutella

    Welcome back !!
  11. Well, today i saw some players talking about it with Drax, so I decided to write it here, so we dont miss this suggestion. Add a command to see what items still in the chest, or make a right click option.
  12. Love Nutella

    I like to listen to some rock, metal, ... For example: the offspring, Linkin Park, ...
  13. Love Nutella

    Gz dude. 1k dry here
  14. Love Nutella

    I would like to join the tournament ign: Love Nutella Timezone: GMT -3
  15. Love Nutella

    I recently started to do some bosses/raids/minigame and noticed that there werent a killcount for it. I think it would be nice to have one for them. Trinity raid. Strykewyrm king minigame. Corporeal beast. Zulrah.