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    For revamps What's the current issue? So many itens, prices currently dropping a lot. What's your suggested way of fixing it? Add some itens to the upgrade chest. I was thinking about some new itens to be able to upgrade at the chest. The itens i had in my mind are some that are dropping too much ($$): Avery ring --> Avery ring (i) (Upgrade rate: Medium) (Req: 75 scav) Avery ring (i) --> Emperor ring (Upgrade rate: Hard or Dream) (Req: 120 scav) Trix amulet (i) --> Emperor necklace (Upgrade rate: Dream) (Req: 120 scav) All assimovs can also be upgraded to BFG Offhand. (Same rate as regular BGF) Icy Glaive --> The Thumper. (Upgrade rate: Hard/Dream) (Req: 120 Scav) How will this benefit player/server? Remove a lot of itens from the game (prices will increase). How could this be expanded in future? Could add new itens as they realease some new stuff. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) Might get too many itens out of the game.
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    Vouch and vouch.
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    For the past 2-3 months i've had play a lot. But now it is time for a break. Maybe i will be back in a few months. Thanks everyone for a great time together 😁
  4. Yayyyy Gladly to hear that my suggestion has been heard 😄 Nice update !!
  5. Well, since i got cleaned (again), i'm trying to rebuild by killing those guardians. I might go for 100k kills or just try to get all the drops. Currently kc: 2700. Drops: none.
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    IGN: Love Nutella Rank: Executive Proof:
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    I was thinking about adding a command that would work as the "collection log" from OSRS. That would be nice to "complete" all rare/ultrarare drops from the bosses 😄
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    Gratz Winter51 on the platinum 😄
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    Welcome back !!
  13. Well, today i saw some players talking about it with Drax, so I decided to write it here, so we dont miss this suggestion. Add a command to see what items still in the chest, or make a right click option.
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    I like to listen to some rock, metal, ... For example: the offspring, Linkin Park, ...
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    Gz dude. 1k dry here