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    Username: BreeRank In-game: Executive Proof (screenshot):
  2. The last few days have been a massive stress for all us players whose account got rolled back causing us to a lot of our items/points/levels. Hopefully mostly everyone has received their lost things back and things are getting back to the way they were This is about the staff though, as stressful as we have found this ordeal, the staff have had it twice as hard and have done an amazing job helping the players! I can honestly say that @DRAX would have been stressed the most from this, firstly his server being offline beyond his control then having to switch to a new service and on top of that, having most of his player base with these issues. His reputation, fans and players were all at risk and he still managed to smash it out of the park with the help of the Admins, Moderators and Helpers. All of you have done an amazing job that couldn't of been easy. I want to express a massive thank you for the help you have given us all and it's this dedication that will keep us playing for years 😄 Awesome job guys!
  3. Bree

    Username: BreeRank In-game: SponsorProof (screenshot): https://imgur.com/xAZE058
  4. Bree

    That's what I mean, why should some people get it and not others? I don't want to sound like i'm not grateful for getting the cape because I am but it's kinda unfair on the people who haven't got sponsor/exec.
  5. Bree

    So I've been told that depending on which staff member hosts this you may or may not get the donator status that goes with ownercape... This feels unfair to me because I have this amazing cape which I am extremely happy about getting but then there's other people who have won it and been given the status on top of it. Also getting an exec cape goodiebag always seems to give you the donor status. I would have thought it would be a case of either everyone gets it or none do if they get the ownercape goodiebag. Edit - Just realised I didn't even make a suggestion lol, I would say that all ownercape/exec cape goodiebag wins should either get the status to go with it or none do.
  6. Bree

    Decided to farm some lamps and came across this little trinket after just 61 kc :)

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