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  1. Cj you a customized computer? How you getting great ideas!
  2. Feeds

    Bunny named Feeds
  3. @Australia Yeah man save me! :'( 


    @cj gift me a camel asap

  4. Feeds


    Welcome to DSGANG! Bud! If you confused about anything, shoot me a pm!
  5. Feeds

    Nice and neat works, so let me know when you going to make me some? 😄
  6. Feeds

    Ill ban you off forums, Limes! 😄
  7. Like always we do the best, in every aspect cause we are DSGANG!
  8. Seems like this vacation was stupid idea now, can't even roam outside, Due to rain :'( 

    1. Vaider


      oh rip that sucks man :(. I hope it gets better.

    2. Feeds


      Yeah man! Was so excited about the trip :'(

    3. Vaider


      That sucks man 😞

  9. Incoming feeds' vacation riding on a camel 😄

    1. Potentials


      Without me 😞

  10. Feeds

    Wow! Amazing ikkain, Glad you found some time to create this helpful guide for all of our players. Keep up the great work.
  11. Amazing guide brother, Will surely help us alot more to refer to this beautiful guide, Keep up the amazing work.
  12. Feeds

    Hey bro, Thanks again for the lovely feedback, I honestly wanted to meet up with you, but some activities ruined it, Pretty sure you will be coming back to my place, we have to meet up! And appreciate for the feedback bro!
  13. Feeds

    That made me laugh! 😄 Good one bodhi!
  14. Feeds

  15. Feeds

    Hey Homie! Really respect teh kind words, Its you the community makes us work peacefully, so the credit goes to you guys aswell
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