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  1. Fr0zen

    So many colours in this topic ? but nice loots man, keep it up!
  2. Fr0zen

    Good luck man, keep the grind going and you'll get there!
  3. Fr0zen

    How did you do the Vendura and Voldemort one already?
  4. Fr0zen

    Nice bank you got there!
  5. Fr0zen

    Nice one Bodhi got a lot of them done already
  6. Fr0zen

    Thanks for everything and good luck in the military!
  7. Nice updates once again :-)
  8. Fr0zen

    Very nice updates! Good reason to come back and grind with a chance of winning $1000 :D
  9. Fr0zen

    Nice loots in there! :D I'm still hunting for my 1st drop @ Shadow Kings... :P
  10. Fr0zen

    Following number: 23
  11. Fr0zen

    The Voldemort boss is nice, I like the idea of a raid. Just one thing: every time after Voldemort dies my screen completely freezes for 5 to 10 seconds or maybe even more. Then it starts loading again and Voldemort already spawned in that time + he's already attacking.
  12. Fr0zen

    Congrats on the post count.   My number will be 7381
  13. Fr0zen

    Not even a max cash pile.... Nah joke mate, very nice bank! :D
  14. Fr0zen

    Oh wow, that's some true dedication! Nice loots and keep it going, very interesting!
  15. Fr0zen

    Nice loot so far! :D which monsters are you killing for the Dream Clue's?