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  1. GCM Get CHEESE :)


  2. Congratulations I had about 3 before
  3. Nah u not like me so I don’t think so
  4. You right but I still need the rank I had it at a point in time, but they removed it.
  5. REAL NIGgas NEVER DIE!!! Where’s my Legend rank at? & if u don’t know me i’m Vl0ne AKA - Daddy @Stuart @Tyrant Bb comeback
  6. Real N!G@$ NEVER DIE

    1. xzemoz itsonlya
    2. Zodiac


      You spelled Nigg@$ wrong. You literally never been to school in your life huh? @Tyrant

    3. Tyrant


      Thats not what they teach us there unfortunately @Zodiac

  7. Omgogmogmgomg no way! I can talk to Stan an Alex my role Model's! thank u so much stacia! @Stuart
  8. Welcome Lil Bowwow, I've seen you around Lowkey but nice intro! And welcome to Dreamscape!
  9. Hey Welcome back! I've seen your work and am pretty impressed with it! I'd love if you can make me one, contact me on discord! & We can discuss some things !
  10. Alright time to claim my badge ingame now
  11. Haha , Hello there Epok! I would say i didn't know this already but that'd be a lie ! I know most of this, but this is pretty nice for you to introduce yourself a bit more!
  12. Welcome Aaron, Hope you enjoy your time around here. Have a great one my man! If anything PM me on forums i'll be here to help with your needs.
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