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  1. i agree because having the cape without a rank is boring and then your over killing monsters for the req player
  2. i agree to this because they do cost pretty penny and they do look pretty cool
  3. well everyone know i resigned i am gonna slowly start making my way back to playing the game more still got the rl issue going on but it be awhile till there done n over with so ima slowly come back i am still gonna get rid of my td rank i maybe able to keep the general star rank but as of right now i don't want to take on my rl n having to worrie about being on to be a td n i have been inactive for bit but when i feel need to get it back i will work my way to earn it back but just wanted let u all know i am coming back slowly soo u will see me on more then i have been signed mboxie/tippinpoi
  4. mboxie


    well as everyone know me as mboxie n some like me n some don't like me but alot don't know ive had a major real life issue come up that caused me to take a absent of leave well ive been thinking since i done that and stuff n i feel its time for me to resign as my Td rank aswell as being a part of the community i will come back from time to time n pop in discord from time to time but as of right now i am putting in a full resination of everything n i wish everyone good luck on drops n thats for everyone n i want to thanks to Chuck for great game,and vl0ne for being a great friend same to hc yve
  5. DABEAST TROLLO MBOXIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. this is incrediable first time i seen him 5 oak
  7. okay fyi for one i don't afk alot inless i using bathroom or fall asleep or getting food or helping in rl bc i not letting this game run my life but anyhow sorry to see u go but don't act like i like i afk 24/7 bc u was the afk god
  8. amazing quick link guide tyvm wtftw
  9. gladly appreshate that the price guide is updated n closer to prices to help ppl know prices so tyvm wiki team
  10. i agree jack is amazing and so is our staff team n i hope all staff n all keeps it up n loving the new updates n new items sometimes
  11. i think ur pretty cool guy n relaxed n a good person to talk to tbh
  12. all good n gl on passing and all n happy to see u when we see ya
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