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  1. Today we are introducing the Dreamers Monthly for another cycle! This Dreamers monthly will consist of News Regarding Player/Staff Promotions, Monthly news from the Dreamers, the Introduction of some new players and Farewells, and much much more! Interested in becoming a Dreamers Monthly Reporter, Interviewer or Editor? Apply here now! News Team Application Format Do YOU want to be interviewed for the Dreamers Monthly News? Try messaging @Englishlog or @Bodhi Did YOU get an awesome drop this week and want it featured in the Dreamers Monthly? Send a message to @Englishlog or @Bodhi DreamScape Social Media Twitter YouTube Facebook Instagram As always we would like to start by welcoming this month's new Platinum Partners! This month, we are welcoming @808raptor, Jordan3776, and Volsa v1!! These three fine fellas have proven their immense commitment to DreamScape and we appreciate every last bit of it! For more info about the Platinum Partnership, click the diamond! This month saw the addition of one new Trusted Dicer, a warm welcome goes out to @bee scurt! Of course we must also offer a huge congrats to @afade, @ACT I, and @rallen on their promotions to Helper 1. How did you discover Dreamscape and what were your first thoughts on the server? I was looking online for a Runescape Private Server. I immediately noticed the custom weapons and armour and decided I would give this server a try. 2. What do you like the most in DreamScape as a Executive? Executive Zone and status 2.2 Why? The Executive Zone has two major money makers: bosses and private multi raid Status: I like helping people start the game and this rank helps people recognize me as a more experienced player. 3. You've been part of Dreamscape for a while, what kept you motivated to stay on DS? The community for sure. I also enjoy moneymaking to obtain untradable items. 4. What do you think about the DS community? It’s a tight community with lots of nice people. Most experienced players know each other and it’s not very difficult to be a part of this if you’re nice and helpful. 5. What is your favorite moment on Dreamscape? Why? Getting my executive rank from Werwg’s goodiebag. He traded me the cape but giving me the rank was harder so he told me to drop the cape. I flipped out so bad I started getting mad that I wasn’t going to drop it. In the end I had to do it and we had a great laugh about it. 6. If you could choose one position for the day, what rank would that be? Why? Admin, I would love to be able to spawn items so I could try out every gear in the game. 7. If you could add any item to dreamscape what would it be? Why? Not sure to be honest. 8. Do you have any goals you want to achieve? I’d like to be able to get a custom weapon + set. I’ve got most of the other untradables that I wanted, but I’ll keep trying for the ones I’m missing. 9. If you could have any superpower for a day, what would it be and why? I remember when I was younger I was obsessed with the movie ‘Jumper’. I’d like to be able to jump around all over the world, minus the ruckus it creates when he does it. 10. Anything else you would like to say or any shout outs you would like to give? If you want something, you have to keep trying! REEEEE! 1. How did you discover Dreamscape and what were your first thoughts on the server? I was watching Sohan and saw him on this server and immediately i downloaded it started playing and fell in love with it. 2. What do you like the most in DreamScape as a Executive? Why? Executive raids , Just started doing them and the ease and convivence of having all them raids there is just awesome as it saves time and i can do 5 raids in 1. 3. You've been part of Dreamscape for a while, what kept you motivated to stay on DS? The community was so welcoming, they helped me out a lot and i want to try and give back, Plus the customs on this server are so amazing , its what keeps this server unique and another reason i only play Dreamscape. 4. What do you think about the DS community? Fantastic , after coming back to dreamscape i was immediately welcomed with open arms and given step by step instructions on how to progress. I have made many friends on here and the staff are so nice and friendly. 5. What is your favorite moment on Dreamscape? Why? Joining the discord event channel VC for the first time where i met Dairylobster, tyler97f, Big snugs, kryoptics. These guys have made this game all the much better, never boring day when in a VC with them. 6. If you could choose one position for the day, what rank would that be? Why? Admin , Most of my time is spent standing in exec zone, home or staff zone (if im ever teled) , Where i just watch the help chat and talk to the community on Discord help cc, So i would love to do deals, not only to help the server but it would give me something to do and the sense of satisfaction i might feel when someone Guesses right for a big prize. 7. If you could add any item to dreamscape what would it be? Why? Shurikens , always been a big Ninja fan (no not fortnite ninja) and would love to see these in game as it would also match my name 😛 , Maybe even add some paper bombs on the end making it an aoe explosion weapon. 8. Do you have any goals you want to achieve? If this is regarding Irl, then i would love to finally start studing a degree in IT and find a proper well paying job and settle down and have a family. Dreamscape goals would be to one day be recognized why the staff and become a mod or even an admin where i can dedicate 110% to help this community as much as possible . 9. If you could have any superpower for a day, what would it be and why? Always will be Teleportation, so i can be any place at anytime, this would help when theres trouble and im needed or just to get around. 10. Anything else you would like to say or any shout outs you would like to give? I would like to say that compared to any rsps i have played on thus far, I have never played as much nor stuck around as much as dreamscape, the community and gameplay is surreal, But those customs ..... #DSGANG 1. How did you discover Dreamscape and what were your first thoughts on the server? I don't actually remember how I first discovered it back in 2017; perhaps through a youtube video or ad? It just popped into my mind again back in February, however, so I decided to give it a go again. My first thoughts upon my return were about how much better the community had become. When I first tried it out a few years ago, I don't remember the community being all that welcoming, but as a new player this year it was a completely different experience. 2. What do you like the most in DreamScape as a Global Moderator, Wiki Manager, News Team Manager? Why? All three positions bring such vastly different experiences to the table. Despite all the powers that come with it, my favourite part of being a Global Mod has to be the simple act of answering questions. The ability to be the person that someone new can look to for support has been so rewarding. As wiki manager, it's just looking at the stats. While I might answer a few dozen questions during a period of being online, the wiki regularly traffics thousands of Dreamers per day. The fulfillment I get by knowing that I'm helping that many people each day is wild. Lastly, and perhaps most obviously, is News Team Manager. I love putting out the Dreamer's Monthly! It's been a pleasure writing these out and publishing something which can help bring the community together like this. 3. You've been part of Dreamscape for a while, what kept you motivated to stay on DS? The community, and only the community. It has been months since I enjoyed playing the game in earnest, and through all that time, it's been you Dreamers that have kept me here. 4. What do you think about the DS community now and back then? I can only really compare now with earlier this year; as I wasn't around long enough before then to make a judgement. It honestly isn't all that different. There's a lot of turnover in the player base, but DS seems to keep finding all the greatest community players in the RSPS community. 5. What is your favorite moment on Dreamscape? Why? I honestly don't even think I could pick one. There are all my staff promotions, all the Dreamers Monthlies, my birthday celebration was also an absolute ton of fun. My time here is just voerflowing with good memories. 6. If you could choose one position for the day, what rank would that be? Why? Probably plat if I'm honest. I wonder if it would re-kindle my love for the game. I don't think I would choose a staff position, given that I've already held a lot of them and have now resigned from them. 7. If you could do anything on Dreamscape without affecting the server as your last day, what would it be? I would be a genie for a day. I would grant everyone three wishes, just to put some smiles on some faces 8. Do you have any goals you want to achieve? I'm not really all that sure yet on the IRL front. Right now I'm just going into grind mode. If I want to apply for a Master's program at my university, the final two years of courses are what count, and I'm now going in to my second-to-last year here. I also see some opportunities opening up at my job, so I'd love to aim for one of those as well. 9. If you could have anything for a day, what would it be and why? This question has too many loopholes. I would take endless wealth for a day, so I could just buy up properties and companies and be set for life 10. Any secrets you'd like to share with us?! Explain your high points of your journey back then and now. Moments you'll look back on once a while. Unfortunately there's not really a whole lot I could share here. I'm not one for drama, so I won't go into any details on my resignation. I'll look back on every moment I've shared with y'all Dreamers. Every late night spent at the dicezone, every BG event and pinata party. Every moment that I've been able to spend as part of this gang has been an absolute pleasure. 11. Any motivational words you have for our future applicants, as staff member, news team member, wiki editor? Start with what you're most passionate about. If you like to research and write, give wiki editor a go. If you like to be active in the community and make content, give the news team a try. If you just want to help as many people as you can, hop into the help cc and go for helper. Don't be discouraged when people make fun of you, because it will happen. When you start putting out those yells to try and get noticed, people will call you a rank-chaser and all kinds of other things. As long as you have the right intentions at heart, none of that matters. 12. Any last shout outs, wish, words you have for the community? I gave all my shoutouts in my farewell thread, I think. I love you all, I will miss you all, and I wish you all the best of luck and I hope you have nothing but great times ahead of you Of course every month we love to welcome all new members to our community, and specifically we like to say hey to those who have introduced themselves! Be yourself here with us DMV Sucks! Another old veteran returning back into our warzone between humans and monters from another realm! Welcome back L96aw! A Legend? Decided to return in our realm? We hope you're okay now after disapearing 5-6 months from us! A warm welcome back Bodhi! An ex member of the team has decided to return, whos name is Crixuz! Have you met any known faces yet? Newest staff member, who is a head of the support tickets. A warm welcome for Alyssa T! Who'll be dealing yours tickets most likely! Awkwarddddd, Amfisca hasn't made a proper introduction when he joined Dreamscape! #Awkwarddddd, Worth of a warm welcome?! Hell yeah! Welcome to our lovely community! You're sure about the charm part?! Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action. Hell nah, welcome back Shwa! Hope you'll stay with us! OG? You mean OG Dragon right? Another old player has decided to walk back on our road! Welcome back Cole Canada, what are we so grateful for your services for past few months within the Staff team, News Team, Wiki! We have learned so much from you. We'll be always here waiting for your return whenever you decide to walk back towards to us. We wish you good luck in life! Attractive but dumb or less attractive but smart? Less attractive but smart. Console or Pc? Pc. Fire or Water? Fire. Lilith or Lucifer? Lucifer. Wolves or Lions? Wolves. A date night on the couch with a movie or A date walking in the nature? Couch with a movie. Cookies or Cake? Cookies with milk is just godly. Summer or Winter? Summer. I rather deal with sweating rather than the cold. Spotify or Soundcloud Soundcloud because my Super-Hot-Fiyah mixtape is dropping next week. Live concert or Festival? Festival cough Rave cough Milk or Juice? Juice, fruity bang just gets me going. Outer space or Earth? Outer space for sure, have you seen the amazon lately. Book or Movie? Movie movie, im lowkey dyslexic. Netflix or Youtube? Netflix... ya know for the chill part. Traveling by a boat or plane? Boat, have you ever been on a cruise when everyone is spewing up from seasickness? its insane. Each month we like to congratulate dreamers who have gone above and beyond in pursuit of the grind. To start us off this month, congrats to @regis on completing 100k necromancer kills, post-crash: Next up, we have our very own @Bodhi back in game, and he's going to keep track of his loot from karmic slayer on his way to 30 million karmic kismets! Good luck man! Lastly but certainly not least we have @Amfisca, who's been keeping track of all of his efforts at the executive zone and has been keeping us updated all month long. Keep that grind going! Every month we like to show off a few of the best loots received by the DreamScape community. Here are a few which stood out (and that we actually managed to get screenshots of) : Figure 1: A casual 6 oak Thank you all for reading this month's edition! Please let us know if you liked it, and tell us how we can do better!! Founder - @Bench Press Founder - @Squishy News Team Adviser - @Feeds Chief Editor & Manager - @Englishlog, @Bodhi & @HC Canada Editor - @The dibber Reporter - @Werwg Reporter - @W I N G Z Reporter - @Sen jr
  2. HC Canada

    Hi Dreamers 😞 I guess you know the words that are about to be said: It's my time to go. I wish it weren't the case, but as I'm sitting here I just can't imagine a scenario where I become interested in continuing as I am now. Out of respect for the community and the staff team, I will carry my duties as News Team Manager and Wiki Manager through to the end of the month. Effective today, however, I am resigning from my position as In-Game Moderator, and, come the end of the month, I will be stepping down from all of my active roles and taking a big step back from DreamScape. I've had quite a long, storied journey with this community, but my heart is no longer in it. I don't enjoy being in-game anymore, I don't have the passion or the dozens of free hours needed every week to grind beyond my current stations. I've got a paying job, a girl, and two more years of university that I'm ready to dive into. And so, for my own benefit, I can't carry on any longer. Of course, some thank yous: Thank you to @Jason, first of all, who saw a glimmer of potential in me and got me started on this road in the first place. Thanks to @Cjbear for being my closest and most reliable friend on here. Thanks to @regis and @Englishlog for being part of the come-up with me and for the unique perspectives they've brought to the staff team. Thanks to @Dreamz40 for always seeing what I could be from the very beginning. Thanks to @Werwg ( @werwg - connor?) for showing me the ropes and for always being good for a laugh. There are so many other thank yous I could write, but this would go on forever, so here's a little wall of shoutouts in no particular order: @afade @ACT I @IAmGoalieHC @The dibber @W I N G Z @Alieni @Feeds @cyco gek @hc spiderman @Snelle @asdfhiasdf @peripheral @We Back Yeet @Bodhi @Alpha01 @Twituchu @Eira @Blueoptic @808raptor @izuchi If I missed anyone I'm truly sorry; I love each and every one of you #DSGANG members. You are all what made this worth it for me. Until another day, Canada
  3. YES! So excited for the miniboss update, and of course the most incredible fashionscape update of all time! Great stuff
  4. HC Canada

    Your talents have no bounds I swear. Maybe one day I'll get there, but for now, I'll just keep staring and drooling...
  5. HC Canada

    Welcome to the forums, and welcome to the team Alyssa! Always glad to have new faces around. If you ever have any questions about the forums feel free to ask, this place is my second home!
  6. @Amfisca Great idea, but perhaps more suited to a forums post than a wiki page; the wiki tends to be more about providing information than about guides. If you want help making a forum post for it I'd be glad to help, I have a fair few wins under my belt and also lots of experience with the forums. Hit me up if you get started and want some guidance!!
  7. HC Canada

    Thanks for the 300m nub. Heuehuehe welcome to the forums my man! Hope you enjoy it round here.
  8. HC Canada

    Yes! I'm not going to lie, I was thoroughly underwhelmed by the penguin instance. There is no justifiable reason for a zone which requires a rank to be worse than the one open to all. This gets my support for sure.
  9. HC Canada

    Damn dude, I couldn't even begin to imagine how you would go about creating something like this. Makes my fiddling around in PS look like child's play! Amazing stuff, keep it up!
  10. HC Canada

    Well I'm far from OG so I've obviously never met ya, but if you ever see me in game feel free to say hey! Love to see older players return, even if it is just to see what's up Welcome back!
  11. HC Canada

    This is a great idea! I always love to see some originality rather than just adding more and more things to the scavenger shop; especially since most of the scav shop rewards are pretty obsolete. Definitely has my support!
  12. HC Canada

    ALL EVENTS HAVE BEEN MOVED FORWARD BY 2 HOURS!!! Your #1 favourite Wiki Manager is turning 21 in just one week! To celebrate, Chris and I are going to be loading you guys with gifts, instead of the other way around! I'm going to be running a series of events all night long and I'd love if y'all would join me! On top of speckling the day with some fun side events (HnS, scavenger hunts etc) I've got two main, juicy events planned for you (times are subject to change, not 100% sure on my work schedule yet) : Aug 6, 11:00 pm EST (tentative, subject to change) 3 rounds of classic battlegrounds action with rewards for the top 3 competitors each round. Be prepared for a fight! Prizes TBD Aug 7, 1:00 am EST (tentative, subject to change) A classic H/C event with goodiebag picks for the winners, as well as bonuses for participants, best yellers, and more! Prizes TBD These times could shift drastically depending on when/if I work, so keep checking back for updates! I look forward to seeing y'all there!!!
  13. HC Canada

    Ayyy good to finally get an introduction from ya my man Hope we get to keep seeing more of ya!

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