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  1. HC Canada

    I’m going to have to go with no support on this one. These items are untraceable for a reason. They are really, really good. The acidic spirit shield, as in your example, is the best melee shield in the game. It is over three times more powerful than its closest competitor. RS3 hasn’t done a lot very well, but something worth taking away from them is that having high level, untradeable gear can do a fair bit of economic good. I do however believe that as many untradeables as possible should continue to be added to the scavenger sell shop, so that duplicates hold at least some value.
  2. HC Canada

    Here’s my most recent, and probably most proud work. I’ve still got a long ways to go but I really threw myself into this one, going through more than a half dozen iterations before reaching the final product: As always, please let me know what you think! Any little bit of criticism helps.
  3. HC Canada

    Brilliant stuff, as always. I admire your work so much, you're honestly an inspiration. If I could be half as good as you are one day, I'll be more than happy. You should teach me a few tricks
  4. HC Canada

    Hey man, welcome to the forums! I don't think I've had the pleasure in-game just yet, but I hope I get the chance to say hi over the next little bit. If you're ever around dicezone keep your eyes peeled, I'm usually around just hanging out.
  5. THIS EVENT IS NOW CLOSED. The winners have been announced below. If you are one of the winners below, please contact me in game or on discord to claim your prize!! What's up DreamScape! The DreamScape Wiki looked to the community for ideas about how we can improve our offerings and for help in making sure all the information we provide is accurate & helpful. To do so, we offered some juicy prizes for the best suggestions you guys had to offer, as well as rewards for mistakes & smaller suggestions that are brought forward. Here are the winners, without further ado: 1st Prize: Emperor's Set Winner: @asdfhiasdf1 2nd Prize: Golden Minigun Winner: @Phetish 3rd Prize: Extreme Donator Ticket Winner: @Raspberrys A huge thank you goes out to all who entered, and congratulations to those who won! I hope to run some more of these in the future, so keep your eyes peeled...
  6. HC Canada

    Howdy! Great to get some background on someone I've already met plenty of times in game. I'm going to be visiting Sydney for the first time next week! Can't wait to see you in game some more!!
  7. Love to see the effort put into QoL updates!! Thanks for the good work guys!
  8. HC Canada

    This would be so great. I'm not sure which would be easier to implement but alternatively, an option to simply hide other people's pets would also do the trick. Definite vouch, either way!
  9. HC Canada

    I'm going to have to agree with the above no vouches. Having something work just for the sake of having it work is not worth the dev time. If you want it implemented with so little power that, by your own admission, there'd be no point in using it, then why have it implemented at all? It's not like it would be a quick, simple fix either. They'd have to completely remake the interface where you choose what skill to use the exp on, adding in icons for the two new skills. You have to play a private server with the understanding that not everything can work just for the sake of it working. RSPS' aren't backed by companies which are bringing in tens of millions in revenue each year, and as such the owners can't afford to spend time on things which don't have a measurable in-game impact.
  10. Been doing some really basic signatures for practice, so here's a couple that I'd love some feedback on: Saur0n: Diabolii: Please let me know what you think, and give me any tips/advice you might have! I'm about a month into this venture and I'm having a blast with it but I always strive to do the best I can, so I appreciate the heck out of any feedback!!
  11. HC Canada

    Haha you guys are the best, much appreciated. #DSGANG
  12. HC Canada

    Okay but where's the green stack of reward tokens?!? Lazy tbh smh.
  13. Ayyyy get HYPE!! IGN: HC Canada Disc: HC Canada#8137
  14. HC Canada

    Howdy #DSGANG! Got a handful of Quality of Life suggestions for your perusing: A "Quick- Open" option on the infinity chest. The infinity keys & chest were a great update, but opening more than a dozen or so at a time is a painstaking task. A "quick-open" option solves this easily and without any downsides. A ::collect command. This command could instantly collect anything in your collection box as well as cash from your PoS sales. A quick & easy way to the solve the annoyance of gathering up items from these two sources. The ability to combine items into sets. The sets themselves already exist in game, so this should be quick and easy. Right now, it's very difficult to sell sets in your PoS, as you risk somebody breaking your set if the price is too low, or not selling anything at all if the price is too high. Cleaning up the global chat channel. Remove cheap & easy upgrades from being announced (drygore offhands, royal sicles, dragonbone etc.), and remove infinity keys as well. You could also remove mysterious emblems. These three things together constitute a large volume of the spam in the global channel and removing them would result in a much cleaner chatbox. Take a look at fixing the advertising filters. Currently, you cannot say the word "forgot", or say "Yeah, come to the market", as simple examples. The filter obviously needs to exist, it simply needs some.... refining. Add ELO "extra lives" to the web store. You could only have one at a time. These would prevent people being unfairly punished for real-life emergencies or other valid reasons to miss a day. You could also add, at a certain price per day, an ELO "freeze". This would mean that people could protect their ELO during forseen but unavoidable periods as well, such as vacations. As always, let me know what y'all think. Add, take away, criticize, whatever your heart desires. #DSGANG
  15. HC Canada

    Hey @Dr Gee, while these are great suggestions for the suggestion forum, this event is specifically for suggestions relating to the wiki!