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  1. HC Canada

    @PinPin I do, yeah, the whole thing is a mess. Even if you switch the names the words are still all mixed up haha
  2. HC Canada

    Hi @PinPin. This isn't an exclusive mobile issue, it's on all platforms afaik. Unfortunately the forums aren't our own software; they're a simple IPS forum which means bugs with the forum software themselves aren't something we have any control over.
  3. HC Canada

    The easier fix for this without remodeling the chat box would be to simply add a filter option for it in the settings tab, so I would prefer to see that instead. But, as far as just doing something to fix this, you definitely have my support. This gets really annoying.
  4. HC Canada

    Yes, please! I always meant to make a suggestion for this but never remembered, it is awfully annoying. Gets my full support!!
  5. HC Canada

    Necro Jr only has 5% drop rate, a pet with only SS effect would likely only be a couple mil DSCoins cheaper than necro jr. Seems a little pointless and a bit of a waste in dev time, so no vouch from me.
  6. HC Canada

    Hi there @Dcdc! For any account-related issues, please submit a support ticket by clicking "support" at the top of the page or by visiting this link. We are still working through the last little bit of the refund tickets from the server crash so please be patient with us while we get to your ticket. Regards, Canada
  7. HC Canada

    I really like this idea! I've always wanted a twisted bow in-game simply because it looks nice, but this would be a good use for it. I'd like to see niches like this filled out across all combat styles eventually, and this is right in line with that. Nice suggestion! Earns a vouch from me.
  8. HC Canada

    Hi there @D9Lives! Bank pin resets can only be done through a support ticket, the section for which can be found by clicking "support" at the top of the page. There is unfortunately nothing I, nor any other in-game staff will be able to do for you, so please just await a reply on your ticket once it is created. Regards, Canada
  9. HC Canada

    Hi there @BronzeAxe. I'm sorry about your situation, but the deadline was drawn for a reason; if it weren't drawn, refunds would be all that the staff team would ever be able to do. DreamScape has a constant stream of players coming and going, with a large number of returning players each day. Unfortunately, we as a team had to make the difficult decision of prioritizing our current active player base as well as keeping active with updates and other things such as community events, rather than allowing ourselves to be permanently hampered by this one-off event. If you would still like to retrieve at least your account, even though we aren't offering items anymore, I've been told you can still at least do that by submitting a ticket. Regards, Canada
  10. HC Canada

    Hi there @cazray. Unfortunately we are no longer offering refunds due to the amount of time that has passed since the server crash, as per this thread: If you want to make a new account, starting out has never been easier due to several recent updates to the early game! If you gave it a shot I'm sure it wouldn't take long at all the get back to where you were before. The DreamScape community is strong and I'm sure just about anyone would be more than happy to give you some pointers along the way. Regards, Canada
  11. HC Canada

    @rotjuh77 Unfortunately yes, it does appear that your account was nulled; however, as it states in the thread which I linked for you, you will get the account and everything no it back if you make a support ticket.
  12. HC Canada

    @mw2monster For account support, please make a ticket my clicking "Support" at the top of the page.
  13. HC Canada

    @Bra3ms Alright sounds like you were probably affected by our server crash then, read this thread: After you read the thread make a support ticket by clicking "support" at the top of the page, using the format in that thread.
  14. HC Canada

    @rotjuh77 It looks like you haven't been online since our unfortunate server crash; please read this thread: Why you can't connect to the discord though is a mystery to me. Everything else requiring an internet connection is working fine for you?
  15. HC Canada

    @rotjuh77 Sounds very much like an issue on your end if you cannot connect to either discord or the game. What's your ign, and is anything else not working for you?