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  1. Fantastic new update, glad to see the beginners get some love! Hopefully we'll see some better player retention now.
  2. Have an exam at the exact same time, good luck to those participating though!!
  3. HC Canada

    I agree that since arcade and revs have both been nerfed into the ground recently (donor tickets removed from revs, smb prices increased in both shops), there is a need for a new way for beginners to make some decent money. The gap between early- and mid-game is nearly insurmountable without donations right now, which might increase donations in the short run but will be detrimental to the server in the long run. However, I don't see any actual suggestions in your post. If you're going to post in the suggestions forum, its best that you present a specific idea rather than just pointing out a void which needs filled. Staff have made it clear to me that they aren't going to revert the nerfs to either the arcade or revs, so a brand new piece of content would be needed. If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them!
  4. Interesting update! Hope season 2 goes well for everyone!!
  5. HC Canada

    Love these sorts of challenges. Just submitted my suggestion, thanks and good luck to all the other entrants!! Edit: Made a second submission expanding on and adding details to my first as well as throwing in a few more suggestions I think would benefit comp mode. I hope multiple submissions is okay!
  6. I really appreciate the time you took to read and reply! I do feel like I understand the reason for the change a little better, and I was obviously not accusing you of anything... maniacal. However, I would like to point a couple of things out: - Battlegrounds is multiplayer, so: 1. It can't be relied on for on-demand moneymaking, as there is almost never a game running despite the update. 2. It can't be used by everyone. Be it poor internet, a poor computer, or just poor PvP skills, there's a huge sect of players who wouldn't be able to rely on this. It'd be like telling OSRS players that money is easy to make because they can go PKing; it may be true, but it's hardly inclusive. - Almost nothing on that list is 'viable' in a practical sense. Battlegrounds for the reasons above, Revs for the reasons in my opening post (yes, they're still viable, but only once your bank is around 10q+), and everything else because it would take anywhere from dozens to hundreds of hours , or an extreme amount of luck, to make with them what you previously could make in a few average days at the arcade requiring no luck, an average amount of skill, and no excessive amount of click intensity. My problem isn't so much with the nerf, but with the magnitude of the nerf and the lack of a suitable replacement. I don't donate, so I've been through the free-to-play early game once already and I've been through and tested all of those methods, all in the last month or so. Before the update, progression went : 1. ;;mbox until you have a beginner's melee setup (dbone (u), golden katana, wgw, drygore oh (u) and soulsplit) 2. Arcade until you have frostbite (upgrading to SF, then SFU along the way) 3. More arcade (or revs off of peak server times) until mid-tier mage setup (Oblv scythe, infernal, aqua ss, etc) Once you had that mage setup, everything was possible. You were competitive at revs, you could go back to arcade, you could start slayer, raids, and other PvM. The problem now is that step 2 is completely gone, and to an extent, step 3 as well. Arcade isn't any more viable than other methods with that beginner's melee gear anymore, meaning that you have to either rely on pure luck (in the case of events), tens to hundreds of hours of grinding out something like diglet (~30T/hr), charizard (<10T/hr), or thieving (~5T/hr), or have enough skill to consistently win the one BG game that runs every couple of days, and that's just to get up to frostbite or oblivion scythe (which are no longer even that viable at revs, as the caves are jam-packed even during off-hours). I would argue that none of these options are realistic for most people. Healthy RPGs rely on having a realistic path for the average player to progress through the game. Requiring either luck, a high level of skill, or an inordinate amount of grinding is not a realistic path to success. Things may not be as dire as my title and opening post make them out to be, but I can't help but think that the actual in-game experience of players, particular free-to-play players, differs significantly from the more idealistic view you seem to have of DreamScape's gameplay. And this is coming from someone who loves this server to pieces. TL;DR: Your intentions for this update were obviously fine, but you seem to be underestimating the fallout. You may not have properly considered it in the first place. Edit: I'm actually trying Revs right now with about 15q in gear. The massive increase in traffic to Revs has also caused a massive increase in PKers at Revs. There are currently more PKers than Rev killers. A scroll of protection is virtually a requirement now as well (without one, you're likely to be killed before you even attack a Rev), meaning the price tag to begin killing Revs is actually closer to 40q, or around 2 months straight of killing diglet 24/7. Edit 2: Not only has the update pushed more beginner players and PKers to Revs, but the elite who you mentioned were farming the arcade too easily have also simply moved to Revs, because the arcade isn't even worth it for them anymore. I saw 3 different people with BFGs at the same time here earlier, and there's even someone with custom BFGs right now.
  7. Thanks for the input. I was thinking about putting this in the suggestions section, but decided against it since I don’t have any actual suggestions for a fix. Maybe I’ll do some thinking, and if I come up with some specific ideas I’ll write up a suggestion for sure.
  8. I'm aware, but the PKP reward shop has other rewards which make up for it. Donor tickets and collector necklaces were already as good as or better than SMBs, so the change hasn't affected revs at all. Extra revenant zones wouldn't help; it would just crash the prices of donor tickets, collectors necklaces, and other PKP rewards. Either new rewards need to be added to arcade which are as good as SMBs were, or this change just needs to be reverted. Or something completely new could be added to fill the gap, I suppose.
  9. Hey All, For those who don't know, the price of Super Mystery Boxes in the Arcade minigame's reward shop was recently increased from 750 tokens to 2000 tokens. While the change in price of one reward might seem insignificant, I see this change having far-reaching consequences on early game-play going forward, risking serious damage to player retention. Although DreamScape is unabashedly designed to encourage donations, it has always had and will always require a significant base of non-donating players. This base maintains market demand for items obtained mainly through donations (which, in DreamScape, is most items). Without this base, the rewards for donating shrink and therefore donation numbers fall. Even ignoring other consequences such as a shrunken player count (and therefore lower vote count etc.), this is unsustainable. This need for free-to-play players is why things such as the Arcade exist in the first place. So why is this small change to the arcade important? Well, it's simple: The Super Mystery Box reward from the Arcade was a vital part of the early game for free-to-play players. Before this update, there were two viable money-makers for free-to-play players: The Arcade, and Revenants. This update has nerfed the per-hour earnings rate of the Arcade by over 60%, meaning that Revenants are all that's left for free-to-play players. The Problem with that? The Arcade is instanced and able to be played by anyone regardless of gear. Revenants are small in number and in a multi-combat zone. This area only supports up to 4 people at once with AoE weapons, meaning that you require a (preferrably higher-end) AoE weapon to be competitive at Revenants. This problem is compounded by the fact that people are now flocking to Revenants due to the nerf to Arcade. In short; this small change has left a massive gap between beginner-level equipment and AoE weapons, one which was once filled by the Arcade. Such a huge gap in the early game is extremely detrimental to player retention. TL;DR: There are no longer any viable early game money makers. Let me know what y'all think. This is, after all, the feedback section.
  10. Great update! The info interface is sexy as hell. The yell editor doesn't work in resizeable currently, but I'm sure that'll be fixed in due time and is easy to work around.
  11. HC Canada

    I think the easier route if that's what you want is to just buff SotP. Any ::upgrade to SotP would be so small (10-20% increase in dps) that it just wouldn't be worth risking it.
  12. HC Canada

    Not a bad idea but it would have to be an easy upgrade to something not much better. Protectorate is objectively significantly worse than the range and mage equivalents (AK-47 Asiimove and EKS, respectively), but not by a huge margin. If you made the upgrade too good, it could cause problems with the prices of mage and range gear.
  13. HC Canada

    I'd support this with a caveat: The amount of ELO you can keep should be limited, as in, milestones shouldn't continue on indefinitely. Perhaps it could depend on your donator status? For example: Regular Donator only has a milestone at 5% Super at 5%, 10% Extreme at 5%, 10%, 25% Sponsor at 5%, 10%, 25%, 50% Executive at 5%, 10%, 25%, 100% Let me know what y'all think of this.
  14. Ingame Username: HC Canada Forum Username: HC Canada How old are you? 20 What is your current location? Canada Have you ever been blocked from the wiki? I am currently blocked, although this is a long story I am more than happy to explain -.- Have you had any administrator or higher leadership experience with a wiki? If so, provide what you did. N/A Create a brief introduction about yourself. Hi! My name's Max, I'm a university student studying Astrophysics up in frozen Alberta, Canada. I'm an amateur photographer (I'm on the exec team for my university's student photography club) and I love to research and write (I'm minoring in philosophy). I first joined DS back in 2017, won two hide-and-seek events on my first day, got cleaned for all my winnings, and requested my account be banned (this is why I play on HC Canada now, and why Canada is banned). Despite these shenanigans, I returned a few days later and played for a week or so before leaving for a full two years or so. Now, I'm back, and after starting to get a better grasp of the game in my first week than I did two years ago, I've been going strong for nearly a month now and am loving every minute of it. I also dont gamble anymore What are some of your strengths/weaknesses? I'd say my most applicable strength is that while I may not be 100% confident in my knowledge initially, I am thorough enough to go through and double-check all of my work. I'd rather take a little longer than necessary to complete something and be confident in my work than get it done more quickly but based only on my prior knowledge. I'd say my biggest weakness is that I can be easily distracted and forgetful. It's not uncommon for me to sit down to work on an assignment only to realize 3 hours later that I still haven't started and the submission deadline is now only a couple hours away. I have started to tackle this problem IRL by using planners and electronic reminders, but I'm still a work in progress. What is your best moment with Dreamscape? My best moment so far was when, after many, many hours at revs, I invested my entire bank (about 45q cash) into an AK Asiimov. What made this moment great wasn't that I had achieved my goal, but it was the fact that 3 hours later, I sold it for about 95q. This is what got me into merching, although I still love and participate in other aspects of DS!
  15. HC Canada

    No support, for a few reasons: I just don't see the need. I don't see why anybody would put things into an auction house which they don't already put in their POS. If you want to a different price from what's in POS, you can just pm the shop owner and negotiate. This would take a large amount of development time relative to the amount it would benefit the game. Dev time should focus on updates which would have the largets positive effect, and this simply isn't one of those updates. Auction type systems tend to do two things: Drop the price of more common, easy to get items, and raise the price of rarer, more hard to get items, neither of which are particularly great for the long-term health of a game economy. The reason for the drops in price are a little more complex, but the reason items rise is that people with a large amount of cash are willing to overpay in the competitive environment for items which don't come along very often. Also, in future, please use the format provided in the first thread of the suggestions forum. Your first post was really hard to follow at points.