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  1. Never Number 1

    I will do more drop logs after i finish 1k of every npc :) i just remembered! add a Brutal to that tab! i got it just in a different tab right now and completely missed it! 'Pretend'? I will be making this a series, yet. :P plan to do every boss If only! that would be nice! Give me a suggestion and ill do that next!
  2. Never Number 1

    Here is the loot I have recieved from kill Barrelchest 1000 times, Ignore what is in the inventory, that's just what i had before doing this so i didnt wanna mix it up. Value this!
  3. Never Number 1

    I'm gonna upgrade once i receive 50 of them see how lucky i get. Working on barrelchests atm, will do one of those after!
  4. Never Number 1

    2-3 days not straight though, but hey, it's more than i had before. wanna buy any? ;) I wish bae but i wanted to kms there. :(
  5. Never Number 1

    The tickets are all saved up and yes i didnt count those in my kills i only counted separate items. Got another npc to kill? let me know post below! Someone! value this!:)
  6. Never Number 1

    Completed collecting 50/50 Mboxes, started collecting Super Mystery Boxes only 3/50 at the moment 1/22/2017 feel free to donate the goal! ;)
  7. Never Number 1

    I will add those shortly! I'll help you anyway i can man!
  8. Never Number 1

    Added to the list! I'm sure it will make my grind a whole lot funner!
  9. Never Number 1

    I am looking and hoping, someone out of the kindness of their hearts would be nice enough to make me a forum's picture and/or signature. Colors : Dark Purple and Black Image/Style : something dark/demonic, like maybe a reaper or something? Wording : Never #1 , Never No 1 , Never Number 1 which ever you think fits the best please let me know thanks!
  10. Never Number 1

    Thanks buddy! I appreciate the feed back!
  11. I been here for less than a week and I am by far impressedwith this server. So for my long stay on this amazing server. I've come up with some goals, So here they are! Boss Logs: (Will post drop logs at every 1k kills on each boss and update list as i go) Voldemort: Drops: http://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php/topic/17127-1000-voldemort-kills/ Killcount: 1,000/1,000 (Completed 1/23/2017) BarrelChest: Drops: http://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php/topic/17143-1000-barrelchest-kills/ Killcount: 1,000/1,000 (Completed 1/23/2017) Collection Goals: 50 Assault Rifles (45) 50 Ice Katanas (2) 50 Royal Sicles (1) 50 Melee Dragon Bone Helmets 50 Melee Dragon Bone Platebodies 50 Melee Dragon Bone Platelegs 50 Golden Chains (1) 50 American Torva Helmets 50 American Torva Platebodies 50 American Torva Platelegs 50 Chest Keys #1 (10) 50 Chests #1 50 Mystery Boxes (Completed 1/22/2017) (50) 50 Super Mystery Boxes (3) Feel free to donate the above ;) Community Suggested Goals/Achievements: Achieving Max Cape/Comp Cape Requirements! (Suggested by Unicow!) Complete Achievements Tab (Suggested by Uzi!) Server Store Donations: Donated: 0/100 Ultimate Goal: Become Server Staff/Trusted Dicer: Helper Moderator Administrator Make some suggestions down below!

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