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  1. SpyEr

    This is definitely needed for the growth of the server, feels like several people that i know who started playing leave after the initial period.
  2. SpyEr

    Really wish i had the patience to kill enraged hades, seems like a good money maker.
  3. SpyEr

    Used this method myself during the early leveling. Would definitely recommend grinding revenants.
  4. Yesterday i got slayer prestige level 3, i prestiged my slayer using the "slayer anywhere" from the donator menu. I then went to dragonbones and took all my gear off and i was hitting them like 15. Scroll of fire works for me and it does 250 damage.
  5. Loving the updates, hopefully some of the things will get fixed soon especially the inconsistent reward for runelocus box but other than that, keep up the good work !
  6. SpyEr

    Username: Spyer Rank in game: Extreme Donator Proof:
  7. Really enjoyed the dice event, surprisingly actually won it. Looking forward to more events in the future !
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