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  1. Sudz

    It’s not falling apart and it’s new so it’s cool enough ?
  2. Sudz

    Ooooh I went to the shelby museum/factory in Vegas. Gnarly Truck, I love it!
  3. Sudz

    I am too except for when insurance & car payment every month lol
  4. Sudz

    Name says it all, lets see those panty droppers! Here is my 370z Also my other car
  5. Thanks floppy, I will for sure get with you about the timer. I was at penguins for the Mboxes and Ckeys as I was a non donator at the time.
  6. I assumed so, like I said I figured it would be useless because no one really camps mbox outside of starting lol. But I figured it would be something since I had to do it anyway. I like to do power hours etc where I just go as hard as I can for an hour and show loot or loot from x but we will see what I can do.
  7. Here is a video I put out today, kind of potato editing but I promise going forward I will work to get my editing skills up. Thanks for watching! [Can someone help me try to get the video to display here?]