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  1. I dont get why you turned against me man, but i hope stuff will clear up soon in your mind. You have betray us all 

  2. how's everybody doing todayyyy? :]

  3. kalleknud1

    This is dope asf @Beethoven PM me when you're free man i'd love for you to make a tag for me. Amazing work.
  4. kalleknud1

    looking forward to seeing your signature, like mono said a very nice request!
  5. kalleknud1

  6. kalleknud1

    Welcome to the community broken trust.
  7. kalleknud1

    soooooo good man! i love it thanks so much!
  8. kalleknud1

    what a gangsta. Rip Jonnnnny
  9. kalleknud1

    imz post last
  10. kalleknud1

    GRATZ cylorV and ofc mono and inject always helpful whenever i need help well deserved boyz. -YaBoyzCleaned
  11. kalleknud1


    you're already a legend vl0ne
  12. kalleknud1

    last post ftw
  13. kalleknud1

    count me in ign: kalleknud1 rank extreme donator UK TIME ZONE GMT+1
  14. kalleknud1

    Such a good moderator and friend you know i'll stay in touch bro. Hope you join back the server soon.

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