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  1. I dont get why you turned against me man, but i hope stuff will clear up soon in your mind. You have betray us all 

  2. how's everybody doing todayyyy? :]

  3. kalleknud1

    This is dope asf @Beethoven PM me when you're free man i'd love for you to make a tag for me. Amazing work.
  4. kalleknud1

    looking forward to seeing your signature, like mono said a very nice request!
  5. kalleknud1

  6. kalleknud1

  7. kalleknud1

    GL everyone
  8. kalleknud1

    Welcome to the community broken trust.
  9. kalleknud1

    There's no screenshot attached for me either. I checked mine it's working aswell @Phetish
  10. kalleknud1

    soooooo good man! i love it thanks so much!
  11. kalleknud1

    what a gangsta. Rip Jonnnnny
  12. kalleknud1

    GL all I know one of these members in my opinion stood out from the rest. Well deserved boys.
  13. kalleknud1

    Like squishy said I don't understand what you're tryna say? Explain better and elaborate on the what you want more
  14. kalleknud1

    imz post last
  15. kalleknud1

    GRATZ cylorV and ofc mono and inject always helpful whenever i need help well deserved boyz. -YaBoyzCleaned