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  1. Master Hc

    Looks awesome dude! :D
  2. Master Hc

    Thanks a lot ! :D
  3. Master Hc

    #Update 6 No idea if you will notice any changes but here it is! :D Btw don't forget to join our clan Xtremeg0d, And yes i am Master Hc, My main clan used to be Master Whip, which many of you know of :) Peace love & happiness! <3 Our new clan is "Xtremeg0d" Make sure to join it :) http://prntscr.com/e4doaw
  4. Master Hc

    http://prnt.sc/dzhght http://prnt.sc/dzhgxa http://prnt.sc/dzhhaj http://prnt.sc/dzhhp8 http://prnt.sc/dzhprs Huge Thanks to these amazing people and their donations!! :wub: ^_^ And lastly Aliengod420's Insane donation! But still a big thanks to both this is much appreciated ! :) ^_^
  5. Master Hc

    #Update 5. Enjoy :P might be hard to see some items as the bank tab interface is a bit small xD http://prntscr.com/dzg1nc :) Feel free to join our clan ingame named Xtremeg0d and keep in mind that i am Master Hc i just had a name change to fit my streamer channel and Youtube, feel free to check them both out at: http://www.hitbox.tv/xtremeg0d And https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1tW5uSrV5q2Tq8bzIM4iJg Peace love & happiness ! Kind regards Xtremeg0d :wub: ^_^
  6. Master Hc

    Update after the CRAZY giveaways tonight/this morning for me* xD I hope you all are happy even though you didn't get anything do not worry! As i will always be doing giveaways when i have items ! :) <3 Peace love and happiness <3 Feel free to join our massive Friendly&helpful clan at Master Whip cc! :) the rules are listed above on previous update thread :) Peace Kind regards Master Hc Aka Master Whip! http://prnt.sc/dw5e91
  7. Master Hc

    Updated #3 Maybe not a big change but it's something, running low on some stuff, but You guys have been amazing for donating items for my giveaways ! :) <3 ^_^ Stay awesome people! Enjoy! Also feel free to join our big friendly&helpful clan Master Whip cc, Remember the rules are simple, keep it mature and use common sense =)
  8. Master Hc

    Updated donations bank tab! Make sure to open both screenshots to compare :P ^_^ Happy new year everybody stay awesome! And if you  see people need help send them our way to Master Whip cc ^_^ Peace  out! Kind regards:Master Hc aka Master Whip. http://prntscr.com/dqb5vn
  9. Master Hc

    This is my bank tab with Donated items so far! :D ^_^ Thank you so much guys! you know who you are! <3 If intrested in joining our big growing clan join Master Whip cc! Rules are simple, Be mature and use common sense :)   Kind regards, Master Hc. 
  10. Master Hc

    Looks Awesome mate! :O :D 

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