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  1. Just prohibit botting anymore period, this has gone on for too long. We're one of the only servers that it's actually permitted for anything whatsoever Prohibiting it would be more beneficial and easier than creating a different zone in which botting wouldn't be allowed
  2. Cyberr

    Been a while, aye? Welcome back my boyyy
  3. Cyberr

    Almost positive someone suggested this a while back, not sure why it hasn’t been implemented without a suggestion. Placeholders are soooo great to have.. Vouch!
  4. Congratulations! Well deserved my boy 😄

    1. Vaider


      Thank you 😄

  5. My boy. Gratz with Youtuber rank, keep up the icy streams! 😄

  6. Cyberr

    Congratulations boys! Without a doubt you've definitely earned that top pick @CylorV. Been seeing a lot from you, keep it up!
  7. Cyberr

    Eh, since ice offhand is so cheap and easily obtainable the upgraded version would flood in really quickly and reg ice offhand would be useless pretty soon. I say just add a new offhand altogether so that there's two calibers of melee offhands. Beginner, budget offhand and the expensive, more elite one. xd Support though!
  8. Cyberr

    Those were the next things I was gonna recommend. Welp, I'm sorry. I really don't know what else could help then /:
  9. Cyberr

    Bowwow, you are an absolute legend. Constructed a great point of reference for those who aren’t too keen on donation rates.. Thanks for making this fambam 😄
  10. Tonald Drump is my soulmate

  11. Cyberr

    Even if your java is up-to-date, you may still have older versions installed alongside the newest version somewhere unbeknownst to you, which definitely causes problems more times than not. Navigate to the part of Java’s website that has a tool to uninstall older versions (should be on the JRE download page to the left on a sidebar). If this isn’t a fix, nor the issue, just uninstall and reinstall JRE. Couldn’t hurt, really When did this begin happening? Attempt to system restore to a time prior to this occurrence if the above methods do nothing. Perhaps something is interfering with java’s ability to operate .jar loaders in some way
  12. Cyberr

    Hold on a minute here.. Dungeoneering doesn't +12 combat level 126 to 138 when maxed? Lol? Summoning gives the +12 levels. Honestly I don't agree with you adding flame kings in this guide, as flame pernix and torva are so bad and cheap now that they aren't even viable to make money with once you equate the RNG of actually receiving a drop into it. It'd be more worthwhile to go elsewhere. Other than that.. Good job my boy, whip whip whip them blizzards up, stay icy with them vidsss
  13. Thanks my boy! Wow, really? I had quest cape on my other account. Questing has always has been one of my favorite aspects of Runescape. It feels so rewarding to open up so much of the map and things to do through questing. Also, in general, some of the quests that have sequels are VERY good in that of their dialogue and the way things play out. One of my favorites being the underground goblin questline. 😄 Update coming soon boys, should be tomorrow or the next day! Or maybe even today.. Made some nice progress ever since posting this Contemplating getting some equipment to begin streaming my OSRS adventures
  14. Cyberr

    Dudee you've been going off with some sick work lately. It seems like you honestly get better and better by the project. Maybe I'm just tripping, but damn papi (lawl) Good stuff as always!
  15. Cyberr

    As there are already so many drop booster items in the game I strongly disagree with this being a potential band-aid to the dryness experienced whilst PvMing.. Maybe something else, but not this. Sorry, no vouch.