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  1. Cyberr

    Bro wtf thnx for free sig men!!! Vouch for graphic designer!!! @DRAX
  2. Cyberr

    That's why you have best staff member 3 times? Which needless to mention.. is an ape icon ur an ape draxy ???
  3. Update 8/18/2018- -(+)60 music tracks unlocked -Fighter Torso Achieved! -Finished Fremennik Quests for helm of neiz -Can now use Fairy Rings -Updated the main post with more completed quests! -97 Marks of Grace in so far! -Have 99 cooking banked (doing wines) -Also passively going for 99 firemaking strictly through Wintertodt And more! Stats+Total Level: Completed Ardy Easy Tasks: Overall Experience Now: Quest Points Now: Music Tracks Now: Bank hasn't changed too much. Mainly trying to grind slayer for 70 attack for whip now!
  4. Cyberr

    Forum Username: CyberrRank Requesting: VeteranAmount of Months since user joined Forums: 20 monthsScreenshot of Veteran achievement on Forums for confirmation:
  5. Cyberr

    Welcome back Chris! Hope you have more of an extended stay this time around. Hoping you also enjoy all the new content, as there’s lots of it! ?
  6. Cyberr

    Shouldn’t this be in ‘Goals and Achievements’? Perhaps I’m being too technical though xD Congratulations my friend, can’t wait to see more from you!
  7. Cyberr

    Welcome my friend! Pm me if you have any questions with anything Enjoy your time here buddy ?
  8. Wowwwww, these updates are MASSIVE. I’ve been wondering when the next update would be and I see why it took so long.. you guys really went above and beyond with these. Good job devs! Also great to see the community placing their input in suggestions so much recently. I just wish dream/lava trees would’ve also been added to extreme zone.. Pretty discouraging that you have to either compete with bots that demolish trees or pay $1000 for sponsor to cut them
  9. I’ve been focusing a bit more on RS3 the past week or so and also have kinda neglected this because of such, so.. I have a MASSIVE update coming later tonight boys! Make sure to follow the thread to see what he notified of what I put out
  10. Just prohibit botting anymore period, this has gone on for too long. We're one of the only servers that it's actually permitted for anything whatsoever Prohibiting it would be more beneficial and easier than creating a different zone in which botting wouldn't be allowed
  11. Cyberr

    Been a while, aye? Welcome back my boyyy
  12. Cyberr

    Almost positive someone suggested this a while back, not sure why it hasn’t been implemented without a suggestion. Placeholders are soooo great to have.. Vouch!
  13. Congratulations! Well deserved my boy ?

  14. My boy. Gratz with Youtuber rank, keep up the icy streams! ?

  15. Cyberr

    Congratulations boys! Without a doubt you've definitely earned that top pick @CylorV. Been seeing a lot from you, keep it up!