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  1. Nova Bomb

    Hello my lovely dreamers! A lot of you don't know me but I'm Nova Bomb I joined back in 2015 and I'm also ex-staff from about 6 months ago, I left due to real life issues, but I got things straightened out and I plan on making a return. I can't wait to meet the new community and create many more memories with you lovely dreamers. I hope to see you all in-game or discord!
  2. Nova Bomb

    Welcome to the server!
  3. Nova Bomb

    Welcome to our lovely server! Don't be afraid to pm if you have any questions or if you are wondering about something!
  4. Nova Bomb

    Welcome to the server. Hope you enjoy our lovely server!
  5. Nova Bomb

    Welcome to the server! Don't be afraid to ask me questions if you got any!
  6. Nova Bomb

    That luck is insane!
  7. Nova Bomb

    Gonna be missed my old friend :(!
  8. Nova Bomb

    Farewell my friend, best of luck to you out there!
  9. Congratz on helper! :) welcome to the team, I barely see you, I know the different time zone issue. Keep rocking man :)

    let's hope to have some chitchat.

    1. Nova Bomb

      Nova Bomb

      Thanks a bunch!

  10. Nova Bomb

    Welcome back! Need anything just pm me on forums or in-game.
  11. Nova Bomb

    Media Suggestions Event. This event is for players to suggest what they think would help benefit the media side of Dreamscape. Such as ways we can improve our advertisements/youtube setup/social media and more There will be rankings in this event. Two lucky people will receive a mysterious prize. Best of luck to all you media lovers. Also please give us actual suggestions that you think could help the media side of Dreamscape. Winner #1) TBA Winner #2) TBA
  12. Nova Bomb

    Congrats to the 3 winners, this event will be back up 8/5/17.
  13. Nova Bomb

    Voting ends Saturday
  14. Nova Bomb

    Hello everyone, this event is a monthly voting of our top media addicts. The voting will be disclosed and discussed with anonymous people. This event includes gfx/youtubing/advertisments. 1st Place) Saint 2nd Place) Hc Maximum 3rd Place) Floppytech Potential Media-Addicts @saint @hc jessie @Phoenix @Hc Maximum @FloppyTech @Joeztube

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