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  1. Pluto

    I am transferring out of active duty service from the navy, and moving back to Mississippi to work as an electrician at a machining plant, hopefully all goes well and the transition is smooth   Also Thank all of you very much for the warm welcomes!
  2. Pluto

    I love it thank you so much !
  3. Pluto

    Hello I'm Pluto, (or Joshua whichever you prefer) I am 21 and absolutely love playing Rsps, I am currently going through a job change of sorts so my activity my be somewhat limited during the days, however I will give it my best effort to get to know as many of you as I can! Thank you all for taking the time to read this! Sincerely, Pluto  
  4. Pluto

    Hello! My name is Pluto and I'm new here, I have played before but under a different name, and I have felt that I should rejoin this amazing community, I would appreciate deeply if anyone would be able to make the following signature for me! Sincerely, Pluto Main Text: Pluto Sub text: Enemy of state Font(s): Anything with a darker hint to it Size: Medium sized not super large but large enough to capture the detail in the render and all Render: Background: Anything that goes well with the render hopefully darker colors, reds and blacks and such to match. Style: Anything that matches the render would be amazing! Other information: