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  1. Iron Treat

    I like this idea, maybe not the armour but give it someway to not be farmable like penguins are currently. Maybe up the rate of smb a tad bit aswell. Overall good suggestion though.
  2. Iron Treat

  3. Gz to @Cue on trusted dicer! 

    1. Cue


      Thanks babes

  4. Iron Treat

    This would be a awesome update especially for people who like doing things such as comping. Knowing your overall percentage and being able to see your rank would be amazing full support from me!
  5. Iron Treat

    If anything I believe maybe giving new players some incentive to kill these low tier monsters such as penguins and ::train monsters should be implemented, maybe something similar to all of the donator specific shops for npc kills with starter gear and mbox + crystal keys.
  6. Iron Treat

    Goodluck to everyone participating! Hopefully we see some sick gains out of some people 😄
  7. Iron Treat

    Haven't seen the show but it looks amazing 😄 great work and looking forward to seeing more!
  8. Iron Treat

  9. Iron Treat

    Grats to whoever bought some of the 100! Hope you got some good loot out of it 😄
  10. Iron Treat

    Welcome to the server mate, I would start with some low level training methods like ::mbox and ::train !
  11. Gz to all the winners hopefully next season is just as competitive!
  12. Iron Treat

    I agree with Cue, I think that there being a limited amount of revs ingame keeps the prices for items that are received from them at a reasonable price and doesn't flood the market with commonly purchased items from the emblem shop. Only suggestion I could have is maybe having a lower level rev cave with more monsters but it is single way combat for lower level players without AoE damage weapons.
  13. Iron Treat

    Gz to all of the winners
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