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  1. Iron Treat

    Welcome back mate
  2. Iron Treat

    Jesus man thats actually insane. Grats on 1000 😜
  3. Goodluck to everyone in this sick tournament 😄
  4. The moneymaking section on my ultimate starter guide has been completed 😄

  5. Iron Treat

    Forum Username: Iron Treat Rank Requesting: Veteran Amount of Months since user joined Forums: 29ish Screenshot of Veteran achievement on Forums for confirmation: https://gyazo.com/44aba4e537e0f4d7362cbeb8cf646881
  6. Rework skilling guides 😄 Maybe someone could help you *wink wink*
  7. Iron Treat

    Support, Dream Melee should be similar to dream range in mage in its power in its class. As hctrump said having olaf set being a better set then dream melee doesn't make much sense to me.
  8. Iron Treat

    This is just the start of a longer guide gonna be working on it every night so I can get enough info to give out to new players in order to succeed
  9. Iron Treat

    Treat's Ultimate Starter Guide So you're new to Dreamscape and are looking for a starter guide? You have come to the right place, this guide will go in detail on explaining all of the starter methods and items you can achieve that will get you on your way to becoming a experienced Dreamscape player! This guide will have three categories and will continue to be updated as I work on it Newbie The first thing you should know is whats around you at ::home here is a picture of what the different building's are at ::home. Next we'll be looking at the different teleports under your teleport tab. You can access this by clicking any teleport in your spell book. Bosses- Allows you to teleport to the wide variety of bosses that are in Dreamscape. Monsters- Allows you to teleport to many of the monsters to train on and are sometimes used for slayer. Cities- Teleports you to various cities that are around in Dreamscape, this is very useful for completing clue scrolls Skilling- Teleports you to skilling areas for specific skills that you wish to train. Raids- These are group bosses that you can take on with your friends, these are hard and you are recommended to wait until you have better gear and stats. Minigames- This teleports you to various minigames that Dreamscape has to offer. Useful Commands ::mbox Starter monsters to kill for penguin bones and weapons. ::home Teleports you back home. ::market Teleports you to the trading area along with the player owned shops. ::rules Allows you to check the rules. ::forums Takes you to the forums. ::wiki Brings you to the wiki. ::bank Only used by donator+ and it allows you to use your bank almost anywhere in Dreamscape. ::yell Only used by donator+ and it allows to yell a message to all players in dreamscape. ::train Brings you to starter monsters that you can kill for xp and crystal keys. ::starterboss Gives you the option of 3 different bosses for beginner players. ::dicezone Brings you to the area where you can gamble with other players donator+ is required to gamble. ::upgrade Bring you to an area where you have a chance at upgrading your items into stronger variants. ::afk Brings you to afk island for some good afk money makers! ::staff Gives you a list of online staff members, can also be viewed on notes tab. The first thing that I would reccomend that you do is to complete the tutorial, this will give you a ring that gives you chances for some starter cash from monsters around dreamscape. Another thing that I would do right off the bat is go to ::mbox to train some of your stats up, pick up all of the penguin bones as you will need these as soulsplit is an essential prayer in dreamscape due to the use of fast hitting weapons. Another item that you should be picking up are mystery boxes, these give you a chance at receiving some good starter gear that will help you progress faster. After obtaining some starter cash and items you can also go to ::home and trade the ticket exchanger, she will sell you crystal keys and mbox's for now I would buy some crystal keys that you can open up at the crystal chest at home. Some of the key items that you are looking for out of both mbox's and crystal keys are as follows Mystery Box -Flame Torva Armour -Gold Chain -Ice katana -Dream Wing boots -Scoped Rifle (u) -Mystery Box Pet -White Glass Wings -Golden Katana Crystal Keys -Flame Pernix Armour -Flame Torva Armour -Gold Chain -Dream Wing Boots -Ice Katana -Royal Sicle (u) -Flame Gloves Before you return to training I would suggest that you pickup 20-40 drygore offhands from Candi's Armour shop in the shops area at home. These will be used to upgrade into a drygore offhand(u) at ::upgrade. Once purchased type ::upgrade and you will be teleported to the upgrade area in Dreamscape. The first basic thing you need to know is the upgrade chest and the collection chest, when an item is successfully upgraded you collect it from the collection chest and it goes straight to your bank. You will be upgrading these offhand Drygores into their upgraded variant by clicking on the drygore then upgrade all. You will loose most of them but you will receive a upgraded one eventually, you may have to use more than one inventory of drygores to achieve this. This is the basic information you need to get you started in the areas and features of dreamscape, next will be the money making section of the guide. Money Making There are many different ways that you can make money in dreamscape, I will be giving you some of the money makers that even high leveled players still use currently! #1 ::afk At ::afk you can make money by 3 different methods, the first and best being chopping trees, mining, and fishing. You should buy a hatchet from home or ::wc and chop the trees here. Your woodcutting level does not matter and you will receive afk money here. However what does increase your money that you gain is your donator status. Here is a quick rundown on how your donator status affects the cash you earn. Non-donator - 15t p/h Normal donator - 30t p/h Super Donator - 40t p/h Extreme donator - 50t p/h Sponsor - 75t p/h Executive - 100t p/h Platinum Partner - 250t p/h #2 The Arcade The arcade will provide consistent money based on how good your gear is, with top tear gear you can be clearing the entire arcade in 15-20 minutes. With lower end gear you will be trying to complete as many waves as you can to earn reward tokens. With these tokens you can purchase rewards from the arcade shop by right clicking the arcade entrance at ::home. A link to a full arcade guide video can be found here: #3 Revenants Another great option for a little more experienced players are the revenant caves. These caves give you the opportunity to kill bulk monsters for a chance at receiving mysterious emblem's. These emblem's can be traded into the emblem shop at home for different amounts depending on the tier of the emblem. Once you receive an emblem drop the next emblem drop that you will receive will be the next tier (For example if you have a tier one emblem and get another drop it will turn into a tier 2). However the emblem's get rarer the higher the tier that they are. Currently the best method of killing these is with an aoe weapon such as a oblivion scythe,bfg,ak asiimov, or even a frostbite staff. The best number to stop on and trade them in are at tier 3. You should be wielding a aoe weapon and a bracelet of etherium when killing these to take reduced damage. Here is a chart for the amount of points you recieve for each tier of emblems. Tier 1 - 100 Tier 2 - 500 [600] Tier 3 - 1000 [1600] Tier 4 - 1500 [3100] Tier 5 - 2250 [5350] Tier 6 - 3000 [8350] Tier 7 - 4000 [12350] Tier 8 - 5000 [17350] Tier 9 - 6000 [23350] Tier 10 - 7000 [30350] *Bracketed is cumulative as you trade them all in* Currently the best rewards that you can buy from the shops are super mystery boxes and tactical boxes. More will be updated daily as time permits.
  10. Iron Treat

    Hopefully the first of many ;D
  11. Iron Treat

    Is their a max amount of entries that you may enter as? Also really like this idea and hope to see tons of people participating!
  12. Iron Treat

    Heya mate, like cue said Iv'e hung with you a bit and you've also cleaned me aswell 😛
  13. Hyped for this goodluck to all the participants! Some OP stuff being given away!
  14. GL to everyone boys! Not sure if im going to be participating but I'll be there ;D
  15. 24. Floppy Toppy - 2q Cash 43. Floppytoppy - Crystal Set 68. Floppytoppy - 9q Cash Gz mate ;D

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