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  1. Iron Treat

    Welcome back mate
  2. Iron Treat

    Jesus man thats actually insane. Grats on 1000 😜
  3. Goodluck to everyone in this sick tournament 😄
  4. The moneymaking section on my ultimate starter guide has been completed 😄

  5. Rework skilling guides 😄 Maybe someone could help you *wink wink*
  6. Iron Treat

    Support, Dream Melee should be similar to dream range in mage in its power in its class. As hctrump said having olaf set being a better set then dream melee doesn't make much sense to me.
  7. Iron Treat

    Hopefully the first of many ;D
  8. Iron Treat

    Is their a max amount of entries that you may enter as? Also really like this idea and hope to see tons of people participating!
  9. Iron Treat

    Heya mate, like cue said Iv'e hung with you a bit and you've also cleaned me aswell 😛
  10. Hyped for this goodluck to all the participants! Some OP stuff being given away!
  11. GL to everyone boys! Not sure if im going to be participating but I'll be there ;D
  12. 24. Floppy Toppy - 2q Cash 43. Floppytoppy - Crystal Set 68. Floppytoppy - 9q Cash Gz mate ;D
  13. Grats on the juicy loots boys!!!!
  14. Iron Treat

    Welcome to dreamscape mate and welcome back to the runescape life! If you need help with anything you can pm me on forums/discord/in-game.
  15. Iron Treat

    Support this a ton, brings nothing bad to the server and helps keeps sets in tact. 100% down for this!

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