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  1. I wanted a long-term goal for this server and I thought this one would be great. SOME QUESTIONS Q: How will it work? A: I will camp one boss at a time whenever I am online until I get every "Rare+" drop from them. Q: Will you post every drop? A: I will screenshot the important drop and post them, as well as a final bank tab with all the loot I got. Q: How long will it take? A: Considering how many bosses and items I will need to get. A very, very long time. Q: Will you do EVERY single boss and item? A: Bosses I will skip: Callisto, Corp Beast, General Graador, Gio's hoe, KBD, Scorpio, Vendura, Voldemort, Venenatis, Vorago. Q: Will you take all loot? A: No I will only take the items worth taking. Q: Will you count any drops you have gotten before? A: NO everything will new drops from here on. Q: What makes you decide what order to kill them in? A: I will most likely start with the easier mobs to ease my way into it. Then move onto the harder ones. Q:What is your drop rate? A: 40% Q: What gear are you using? A: Completed In-Progress Not started Barrelchest Bork (only need Blood SS) Chaos Elemental Dragonbone Protector Dreamking Flame Pernix/Torva Forgotten Warriors Invictus Warriors (COMPLETED) Icy Skeletons Minibosses Nex Party Pete Boss Phoenix Sea Troll Queen Shadowking Tormented Demon Vet'ion Wizard Grayzag If you have any questions feel free to ask! I'm not too creative on the forums so if you have an suggestions to make this look nicer let me know please!
  2. Cryphol

    Probably something along the lines of this if I can find people to buy the items <3 Thanks for adding it all up! Posted this before class then came home for a nap.
  3. Cryphol

    Total AR drops is probably close to 90 and easily over 100 full flame pernix sets (If I kept everything)
  4. Cryphol

    Been saving up the drops since I started volde. Sold a lot of the ARs, Flame pernix, 24k kites and gold brutals I got but this is the majority. If anyone wants a fun task. You can add up the profit I made from the kills. :P I have a picture of my bank tab before I got my minigun which was a week ago. But I am unable to post it due to the upload limit for attachments. If anyone is curious I can find a way to post it.
  5. Cryphol

    Do another 1k Volde so you don't leave me :) Jk

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