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  1. Hello everyone, As you may know, you can buy dice cc ranks which will allow you to MiddleMan up to a certain amount. At the moment we have the most expensive rank at 450T, when you buy that rank you will be allowed to MiddleMan upto 450T pots. But let's be honest how many times do you see somebody doing a 450T pot or less now a days? Therefor I think we should try and figure out a way to higher up the ranks in price so you'll be allowed to MM more aswell. After thinking some time I came with this possible solution; at the moment there is 7 people who have a rank under the Captain rank. If we could possibly refund those 7 people the amount they paid for that rank we would be able to make everyone who is captain at the moment into recruit. Recruit will then cost 450t and you'll be allowed to mm upto 450t with recruit rank. Then to continue I suggest these prices for other ranks Recruit will cost 450T And you'll be allowed to MM upto 450T pots. Corporal will cost 1Q And you'll be allowed to MM upto 1Q pots. Sergeant will cost 2.5Q And you'll be allowed to MM upto 2.5Q pots. Lieutenant will cost 5Q And you'll be allowed to MM upto 5Q pots. Captain will cost 10Q And you'll be allowed to MM upto 10Q pots. Please note: upto 10Q pots means that you're allowed to hold 5Q off your own and 5Q the player that you go against, NOT 10Q off him and your own 10Q aswell
  2. Ethereum

    Congratz homie, well deserved! Also gz to the other nominees
  3. Ethereum

    Tbh if you got soulsplit and a fast hitting weapon you're good to kill anything and answer questions at the same time. They cud also just pvm on an alt for in case they would need to teleport to a player to help out. Would be dope to see a raids event off staff vs players
  4. Ethereum

    Eyyy, congratulations to everyone that won! Well deserved
  5. Ethereum

    Welcome back homie. Hope everything goes better now if you need a chat feel free to hmu Ps: congratz on admin :D
  6. Ethereum

    Why did you ditch us? :c
  7. Ethereum

    Aww man, Its sad to see you go. #1Discord Take care and goodluck on what you're going to do next!
  8. Goodluck everyone !
  9. Ethereum

    Aww homie :( Sad to see this happen, hope everything gets sorted. Keep in touch! Ps. U better didnt lose my bow of the death :p
  10. Ethereum

    I'd like to believe in reincarnation. Life after death either as animal or again as a human being. Or first as an animal and after that again as a human being. Like tbh wouldn't it be nice to know that there in fact is life after death
  11. Ethereum

    Hello there welcome to the forums part off the server! Feel free to PM me with question weither ingame or forums related ;-)
  12. Daaamn huge update so sad I cant get on this weekend :(. Love how u added the well of goodwill ! K3 Dicezone looks sick and staff icons re dope *Cough**cough* make TD/Legacy host icons *cough* *cough* Cant wait to get my hands on those new boxes
  13. Ethereum

    Yo thats an amazing idea! Ill be lurking
  14. Ethereum

    These look pretty good man. Nicely done
  15. Ethereum

    Weeew, these sunsets look adorable
  16. Ethereum

    8/10 Cool guy fun to have chats with
  17. Ethereum

    Good to see you join the forums aswell See you around!
  18. Ethereum

    Welcome back man, there's a bunch off new content you'll have some exploring to do :p
  19. I'd suggest as said above already to revamp the shop with some new worthy items. Aswell I would suggest to reward every player a cash prize after every game. Winners will get obviously more than the losers when tie all players will be getting the same standard cash reward between what the losers and winners get. So e.g winners get 10T losers 5T when tie all 7.5T. Cash rewards cud be more or less its just so you got an idea off what I mean
  20. Ethereum

    Welcome back buddy Love to see you back at making videos
  21. Ethereum

    Good to see you're back! Love watching your videos hope to see more coming soon!
  22. Nice update, love the pet! Thanks for the NPC fixes! Great work in general devs, once again!
  23. Ethereum

    Very nice edition loved to read trough it. I like monobeast his suggestion off adding in like the most epic gamble sessions which could for example be someone 5oakd vs a 4oak or so. Would be nice to see. Also the top donators of the month could get mentioned aswell that'd be a lil extra spotight on them.
  24. Ethereum

    Ayeee, thank you so much to everyone who casted a vote ! And also a big shoutout to Torve and Listy who both have done alot for Dreamscape too! Big love DSGANG! ❤