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  1. Ethereum

    Eyyy, congratulations to everyone that won! Well deserved
  2. Ethereum

    Welcome back homie. Hope everything goes better now if you need a chat feel free to hmu Ps: congratz on admin :D
  3. Ethereum

    Why did you ditch us? :c
  4. Ethereum

    Aww man, Its sad to see you go. #1Discord Take care and goodluck on what you're going to do next!
  5. Ethereum

    Aww homie :( Sad to see this happen, hope everything gets sorted. Keep in touch! Ps. U better didnt lose my bow of the death :p
  6. Ethereum

    I'd like to believe in reincarnation. Life after death either as animal or again as a human being. Or first as an animal and after that again as a human being. Like tbh wouldn't it be nice to know that there in fact is life after death
  7. Ethereum

    Hello there welcome to the forums part off the server! Feel free to PM me with question weither ingame or forums related ;-)
  8. Daaamn huge update so sad I cant get on this weekend :(. Love how u added the well of goodwill ! K3 Dicezone looks sick and staff icons re dope *Cough**cough* make TD/Legacy host icons *cough* *cough* Cant wait to get my hands on those new boxes
  9. Ethereum

    Yo thats an amazing idea! Ill be lurking
  10. Ethereum

    These look pretty good man. Nicely done
  11. Ethereum

    Weeew, these sunsets look adorable
  12. Ethereum

    8/10 Cool guy fun to have chats with
  13. Ethereum

    Good to see you join the forums aswell See you around!

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