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  1. davinci

    I vouch for this, to many ppl got to many items thats impossible to sell, with this there wouldnt be as much undercutting in pos either, items would have a more fixed price then the +-20% there is now + when pos take 5% we get even less cash in the game, it proberly removes 1b cash a day. I think its time for some cash to be added, so I fully support this idea!
  2. davinci

    Ign : Davinci Rank : Executive https://gyazo.com/12a331e7e82971f4f8e4484e1e2bc4c8
  3. until

    Nice events ❤️ Good luck everyone !! 😄
  4. until

    Ill be there hopefully
  5. Nice guide, I had no idea the hanzous axes worked 😮 Will see a lot of ppl use this, well done man
  6. davinci

    We really should stack the boxes, im all for it!
  7. davinci


    Ill be there
  8. Nice events like always having so much fun on this server much love ❤️
  9. I would like to join on this account
  10. I have been playing on and off since like 2016 Best memory is still when I got my first ultra rare from raids 😛
  11. until

    im in 😄
  12. davinci

    Gz guys #Deserved
  13. Hi, so we alredy have the item that makes it so that it gives the player a 50% chance to not reduce their slayer task kill count. I would like an item that does the opposite it gives the player a 50% chance to make that kill counts as twice for those that wanna hunt for a specific slayer creature or just wanna farm slayer points a bit faster, and still dont wanna lose streak. I would prefer it to be an slayer point item thats untradeable becuse a lot of people proberly alredy have a lot of slayer points laying around becuse there isnt that many good items to buy. Benefit would be faster slayer points. The only negative thing I can think of is Abyssal sire would be "faster" to get, but you can alredy buy it with karma levels else its not that hard to hunt for so wouldnt be that much of a problem
  14. davinci

    Username: DavinciRank In-game: SponsorProof (screenshot): dont know how to remove the post above and couldnt edit it something went wrong when i wanted to add the other screenshot
  15. davinci

    Username: DavinciRank In-game: Extreme DonatorProof (screenshot):

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