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  1. Inkay

    Chinese music all day!
  2. Time to start dreaming about dreamscape lol
  3. Inkay

    I usually watch drama on my other screen while grinding
  4. Inkay

  5. Inkay

    I was cleaned by crips... now i cant get my revenge anymore.
  6. Inkay

    yea it a little crazy though haha just a suggestion / opinion
  7. Inkay

    Or just grind raids all day!
  8. Inkay

    Thanks a lot! Much appreciate by everyone!
  9. Inkay

    hi im inkay a few of you guys might know me. especially at dicezone just here to say hi to everyone!
  10. Inkay

    umm should have a section for like the hell arcade mode in the minigames section.. would be pretty awesome.
  11. Inkay

    everytime you log out the item place holder resets.... gets annoying please fix
  12. Inkay

    Maybe making the hell arcade a bit easier. even with my bis gears still takes like 20min per wave at wave 30.
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