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  1. darklordrr

    as long as i can tickle again its gonna be fine
  2. darklordrr

    i want you.
  3. darklordrr

    Do me do me do me
  4. darklordrr

    Welcome back! need any question feel free to ask me infame or check out the newly revamped wiki with all information you’ll ever need!! https://dreamscape317.fandom.com/wiki/Dreamscape317_Wiki
  5. darklordrr

    A revamp for voldy would be great to get it hype like it was before!
  6. Sup noobs as some may or may of not know I had a little speed bump along life and was gone for 2-3 weeks because of living situation etc don’t wanna get to much to detail but long story short daddy wiki manager is back and ready to tickle you noobs in game ever need help feel free to pm or check out the wiki page for insights on the game!


  7. darklordrr

    This is such a cool fun mini gam to run with friends or as an event +1
  8. darklordrr

  9. darklordrr

    I believe those items are added to op list when released But not 1000% since haven’t seen any1 try to ok/rev with it
  10. darklordrr

    100 Updates hype
  11. darklordrr

    I’ll be so ducking down for this but das a lot of developing and is expensive to do so and get people for it etc but I’ll be so ducking down for this
  12. darklordrr

    +111111 this is is just something that’s a must now that the game progressed this far
  13. AFTER 1500+ NEST(emptied a couple don't know how many but ive emptied alot:P) finally got the ROW I https://gyazo.com/d6b914326d4f95c4f1d1dc23145d92a1 https://gyazo.com/b61c47c97921c56c857fbaa08e6cc035 https://gyazo.com/3f52335d00d426fee2174460f3366db0 auto pictures dont load cause im a n00b but rip just click it n00bs K3
  14. darklordrr

    Hey, whats up you guys its me your boy Darklordrr I Made Wiki Team!!!!! will soon be updating Wiki With The help of @Inject
  15. darklordrr

    Hey y'all its me, its ya boi Dakrlordrr OK MY CHILD'S PLEASE LET ME KNOW THROUGH IN GAME PM OR DISCORD "Darklordrr#7809" if anything has to be added or edited in wiki 2nd Everything newly added should be up in wiki unless i missed something (Except Price guide till next week it will be updated) NOW Trinty Chest has been added Justiciar set has been aded new weps have beena dded TOB has been added ALLL OF TOB BOSSES N GUIDES TO DOING THEM SPACE BOXING GLOVES TRINITY MINIGAME TOXIC TORVA CODE KEY DAILY EVENTS BATTARANG SPONSOR INSTANCES And many more
  16. darklordrr

    Welcome back!!
  17. darklordrr

    Thanks for that nice guide!! its so good we’re going to add this with the wiki Arcade page!! Keep up the good work
  18. darklordrr

    Thanks for participating guys!!! Those memes were A1!!!!!! more events from @K 0 X Dand I coming soon stay tuned!!
  19. darklordrr

    All I need is prestige’s besides that gl noob
  20. darklordrr

    welcome back!!! feel free to use the newly revamped wiki or pm for help! https://dreamscape317.fandom.com/wiki/Dreamscape317_Wikia
  21. darklordrr

    ayy nice dreamers monthly @Anti love the good/hard work!
  22. darklordrr

    always next month reeeeee gz my qts for winning tho!!
  23. darklordrr

    logs should be notted and be for future use for fletching firemaking bonfires alot of great ideas can be made!