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  1. darklordrr

    Yea this can be nice the wyrm for it doesnt end up being a dead content later in the future
  2. darklordrr

    i do like the idea of swapping a key for a box or using soul room world boss does need something to spice things up on it
  3. darklordrr

    Welcome back ! you can pm me @ darklordrr whenever you need any help or catching up you can check out https://dreamscape317.wikia.com/wiki/Dreamscape317_Wiki for guides update notes etc hope you stay!
  4. darklordrr

    introduce a new system a raid boss key thats same drop rate as raids main drop like how castiel katana is same rarity as Avery's but you can also get a key you can go to ;;soulroom and has a 50/50 chance for vendura as an example would be cool depends on dev how they wanna go ahead with this ill +1
  5. darklordrr

    Welcome back! if you need help etc you can pm whenever
  6. darklordrr

    damn nice! ever interested in gfx editing for wiki? lmk we can talk! IGN darklordrr or in forums
  7. darklordrr

    That’ll be cool to implement for even bonus stats but I feel like it should be hard to get it from either Dono ship or from a raid boss or a new boss rare drop I like
  8. darklordrr

    Yes dreamscape construction is going to be tier 1 whenever it does come out and when it does it’ll be great to see how dev can work with jt if this gets approved
  9. darklordrr

    That’s soHawt!!! Send nudes?
  10. More information about update will be on https://dreamscape317.wikia.com/wiki/Dreamscape317_Wiki as soon as all information is properly gathered should be all added with guides information by the end of the week!!
  11. darklordrr

    Good information going to be implemented into wiki as well soon thanks!
  12. darklordrr

    wow man that must of been very rough to go through. welcome back!!! hope the family doing well and yourself Qt
  13. darklordrr


    welcome man! eever need something question etc go aehad ask me IGN-darklordrr
  14. darklordrr

    damn you made this!?
  15. darklordrr

    seems like it can be worked around the idea always pro's and con's to it I like the general idea +1
  16. darklordrr

    i am a disappointment dad, i made 1 up to like 1h but then forgot i was doing it now im like at 1 day so rip guess ill start again
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  19. darklordrr

    ay nice learning Photoshop, can't wait for the series to start
  20. darklordrr

  21. darklordrr

    HMM i might even participate MODELO TIME
  22. love the video keep it up!
  23. darklordrr

    I do agree with some of these making items noteable has been suggested in the pst but denied due to the fact adding them to a separate source code etc to make them noted is far to much work when we have so many items place holders are a MUST I have issue with bank management making it look nice