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  1. darklordrr

    welcome back!!! feel free to use the newly revamped wiki or pm for help! https://dreamscape317.fandom.com/wiki/Dreamscape317_Wikia
  2. darklordrr

    ayy nice dreamers monthly @Anti love the good/hard work!
  3. darklordrr

    F******CK this is wayyyy to well thought of to not be implemented this is a sick idea!!!
  4. darklordrr

    i feel most has been said but like how legacy said if we can get a proper gfxx manager who can do events challenges etc for gfx since their a lot of hidden talent in ds to be discovered the manager roll would be a touchy system to do and handle etc but it can see potentials +1
  5. darklordrr

    this is def a really cool add but would have to be more thought off with dev since it can totaly be a thing since ds is custom almost anything can be thought of and be turned to awesome content!
  6. darklordrr

    i thjink ::empty can be a cool add for ironmans just to dump their junk items or an actual dump npc you can just trash your items would also be a cool add
  7. darklordrr

    always next month reeeeee gz my qts for winning tho!!
  8. darklordrr

    logs should be notted and be for future use for fletching firemaking bonfires alot of great ideas can be made!
  9. darklordrr

    holy fuck you're actually good looking HMU QT
  10. darklordrr

    The Big 6! We all know and love barrows Had AN AMAZING UPDATE/revamp for it for its new pets You can check it out here ---->https://dreamscape317.fandom.com/wiki/Barrows) we all loved the pets But what if i told you a even better 10XXXXXXXXX revamp Dream Barrows Gear Although i don't obviously have a model to Represent what i mean but our genius modelers and dev team can pick this up -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This can benefits player for that we can fulfill the gap between starer gear and end gear Because there just isn't that perfectly balanced mid tier set players can have to have a fun game play since some players jump from flame torva/dragon bone U worth 1-5t a set to a 200T american torva set and range magic is even more$ But we can get a barrow chest system just like osrs or rs3 that gives a message reward and all to get the new sets (if possible) for players who can actually pvm grind it To make it tradable or non tradable im not to sure id say not tradable but make DR lower for ironmans and lower tier to get it and not have to drop so much $ on it -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How could it be expanded in the future? Dreamscape can finally have a balanced mid tier set that players can use to get to those higher tier gears -------> https://dreamscape317.fandom.com/wiki/Gear Thoughts or am i loco? Or is my suggestion best suggestion thread you've seen so far atm n00bs reeeeee
  11. darklordrr

    i would like to see the ::upgrade zone be very revamped to use items players store in bank that are worthless like flame pieces another suggestion would be an awesome add would be dream barrow pieces to be upgrade or even dropped by ::barrows mini game there so much to be done and will be done the way and pase our dev team is making models testing etc in good faith for DS for great updates!!
  12. darklordrr

    90% of them are banned rip and the other 10% still play 😛
  13. darklordrr

    this can be an awesome add to the game if done proper there are something to be adjusted and to be beta tested heavily to work out properly but it can def be a thing the way we make things wildly insane!
  14. darklordrr

    like the ones in osrs already implemented ill be down for that another way to boost a bit more damage for players since only turmoil for melee +1
  15. darklordrr

    Gl memers!!!!