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  1. Hello, old player coming back to ds, it seems i have A LOT to catch up on since i last was online UwU

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    2. Ace123


      Welcome back to #DSGANG, I would suggest you to check 


    3. Amfisca


      Hey, welcome back! If you need any help, pm!

    4. PvmLife
  2. Darklordrr

  3. Darklordrr

    idk about OC being recolored but more items besides the glaive yeah 100% but remember that would affect players who donate extra to get their capes/item recolored. But if it can be a ticket that can recolor other things ill be so down for like Glocks ak's list goes on and on would be awsome
  4. Darklordrr

    Moving Code Key chest for player to use their pets Luck% Ofc 100% Vouche gotta get them juicy rewards
  5. Darklordrr

    ! Gf noobs This month ima tear you n00bs apart for that first place K3
  6. Darklordrr

    may the best scavenger win!
  7. Darklordrr

    !! Awsome idea bb!
  8. Darklordrr

    *Knock Knock* 'Who's there?' "Gnome" "who"
  9. Darklordrr

    gz noobas
  10. Darklordrr

    Noice captain
  11. I read it all cause I like u noob K3 now executive kill counter is a nice add just for those grind God’s there know how much they’ve friended for it 100% Upgrade zone is Out Of PLACE!!! For what it’s worth the value of the chest how awesome it is to be mixed with that area and those boca and furnace I say make an area where you tp and have an open area like how ::home north building has it a building where the glorious chest is and that same area there the upgrade box for auras and the transmutation noc as well awesome ideas to relocate it Lastly donator zone and super donator need that SPANKY update we got extreme zone now it’s time for super and regular donors to receive something nice other then armdyl of protection and the mini bosses and the other bosses that hide we need a nice area or dungeon where we can maintain nice mid tier noc for super donors to grind off and regular donors to finally update the npc there who’ve never been touched and sell basically junk and or add a huge penguin Zone separate from ::mbox *10101010101010 even gave some thoughts to it as well almost made it my own thread post now if you truely read this sorry for my bad grammar or spelling I did this at 2 AM with my phone and I’m 100% sure I skipped words so it’s ginna sounds choppy but didn’t in my head ? XO love your favorite staff member ?
  12. Darklordrr

    Sup noobs as you all may very know dreamscape is life and so it's our Wiki page now I need help from you the players!! The Wiki team and I are looking for new Price Guide Editors Any General Editors!!! If you think you can Price check and keep it updated feel free to pm in discord or in-game (discord-@Darklodrr#9928) (darklordrr IGN) Those who are reviewed and tested on their PC skills will be honored with the following Discord Tag With access to our sneaky Discord Chat! Forums Tag To let you know whos a real cowboy/girl in town Our Sexy Icon Soon new rank still be tested our new SAXY pet with the biggest stick you'll ever see AND MANY MORE CUSTOM FOR EDITORS TO COME! Come hop on this TRACK SON!
  13. Darklordrr

    Welcome my guy! *Cough* *Cough* FOR THE ALLLLIIIANCCE

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