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  1. darklordrr

    51who’s actually here for the glaive
  2. darklordrr

    38, so how we doing
  3. darklordrr

    Welcome one and all! This event is for all members willing to participate. There will be 3 winning positions. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, to get into one of these you must have the very best old school outfit. -Examples below, just a few to reference from as to what old school is- 1.) You MUST be in old school gear, no new school or custom items involved. Failure to comply with this rule will automatically terminate your entry. 2.) You MUST comment below a screen shot of the outfit (must be you wearing it) 3.) DO NOT beg for items from other members to enter this event, if i hear about it you will NOT have the chance to win. 4.) You can have your equipment tab open in the screen shot showing what you are wearing to others. You can wear capes, boots, necklaces, etc with the outfit as long as it is old school. Dont have the items you want? You can go into OSRS and take the SS from there as well! simple and easy please play by the rules in order to win The Event Closes On The First Of OCTOBER !Myself and @K 0 X D will choose the top 3 players with the best outfits! 1.) Infinity Gauntlet 2.) Oblivion Scythe 3.)Soulflare U
  4. darklordrr

    25 so 10000
  5. darklordrr

    7, A true god btw this is gonna take a " VERY LONG TIME"
  6. darklordrr

    5 (this is going to be stupidly iconic)
  7. darklordrr

    Welcome back! always nice having an old player back!
  8. darklordrr

    @I Willy Icause no1 will ever win :Ree:
  9. I am well aware that players always request for some wiki edit changes. From either being out dated "Under construction" or no information. we now added a new part of wiki.. "Discussions" by clicking on "discussions up there^^ you will be sent to the dreamscape wiki discussion page. There you will see these sections There a player can select categories that they wish to make their request on. On *Add a title* you can add what you wish to be fixed, update, worked on you can add a description why it should be upgraded and it will auto message a editor to get to working on it! If you have any questions feel free to let me know in game or in discord! If you wish to help out the team and join to become a Pm "darklordrr"in game or in discord Darklordrr#7809 With this new system we want to make Wiki Great Again! Our current staff! With editors like @K 0 X D@4 Real Irish@HcMylly Co-Managed by@Inject And Wiki Manager @darklordrr
  10. I was hacked on my second account “darklordr” sorry if that account was able to message you and tried to scam I’ll be looking into who did it the hacker was alado able to hack into my forums account as well don’t worry it’s the real 1 you cute buts 

    1. YCGamez


      Yeah I gave you 10Qu, can I have it back now please.. 😘

  11. darklordrr

    I see what you mean to have a better “buy” option for instance you want to buy a ligones staff but only have Avery’s and 10 Q cash or just 30Q cash and others are selling for 35-45 Q and you just have to wait for someone to sell it at your price etc i like the idea but I’m not so 100% on it
  12. darklordrr

    Idk how this never showed up for me but I like this concept it’ll have to be worked around a bit to work better but I like it, it gives kwnerfapw players something to farm for while they are blowing up bosses in the zone
  13. darklordrr

    The editors and myself always try to add everything and keep them updated as much as we can but with so many items and pages that aren’t updated it does take a little bit more time. With that being said there really isn’t a reason to add this because mostly all the boxes are up to date with what they drop and the rarity it has to getting it. you can always check that out we’re also implementing a system where players can request editors to see a wiki page that isn’t update or currently avaible which is coming out Fairly new!
  14. darklordrr

    I'm down for squeal of fortune Revamp... I think it's time for it to get a FATTY to revamp to helper starter players Vouche