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  1. darklordr

    You're a animal Good luck!!!
  2. darklordr

    skilling Armour in general would be a real great add to the game I Love the lumber jack idea
  3. darklordr

    That is actually a really good idea, a leprechaun pet that give 5/10% Luck bonus type vibe
  4. darklordr

    Right click is the best click lol i like this!
  5. darklordr

    Ya i agree with ya, their in need of a buff
  6. darklordr

    Shout out to beethoven!!!
  7. darklordr

    The god! Nice one willy Sure his gonna help A lot of players out !!
  8. darklordr

    That Luck!!! gz man time for 100k?
  9. darklordr

    ::donorboss Mini King black dragon/ Mini bandos Vet'ion These are the Only bosses that drop lamps (excluding Raids) that drop Lamps "::Donorboss" being the boss to have a higher drop rate of 1:15. Point being why cant all or most bosses drop them. Aside from adding zones to the ::donorboss since its always packed no matter what time it is. But wouldn't it be really clutch if more bosses drop lamps for less of a stressful grind
  10. darklordr

    Dang so last minute didn’t know the event would be same day as post, currently at work with supervisors in the room can’t get on Goodluck to all who participate!!
  11. darklordr

    I don’t know how I missed this post but WOW I absolutely love this idea. You got my... VOUCH
  12. darklordr

    You have my +1 really great idea 👍🏽
  13. darklordr

    This would be cool. But wouldn't work all pets have their own unique stats for them. From skilling pets, cosmetic and pets that give Double drop and double rate% i personally don't see it working out
  14. darklordr

  15. darklordr

    I actually really love this idea. It would be cool if i had the option to go into inventory instead of Bank for you don't have to check to see what you've gotten