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  1. decipLe

    ign :Deciple99 hope to make it
  2. decipLe

    Will miss u brother, when u come back 100q waiting for u
  3. decipLe

    Sorry I'm later to this but i wanna personally thank you for not only giving me the opportunity to show my self in the TD community but also help me with tips and tricks. Will miss u homie ❤️
  4. decipLe

    6969 Luv u bb ❤️ cakes
  5. decipLe

    Sry im late to the party but GZ to all 3!
  6. decipLe

    gz to all winner 😄
  7. decipLe

    Congratz all 3 of you!1 @pkant you needed and deserved that laptop! 😄
  8. decipLe

    Congratz to all 3 😄
  9. decipLe

  10. Im feeling rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. decipLe

    @rozay2424 yes u have to get from mbox not tradeable
  12. decipLe

    Thats DOPE homie. Proof right here when you grind and work hard good things come :D
  13. decipLe

    Gl homie. I know you will definetly get there, your gonna get all of them :D Especially the (get kids one ;0)