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  1. Half

    ooooo gl to everyone! and I'm looking forward to see all of you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #DSFAMILY!!!!!
  2. like squishy said above those reactions are amazing a wonderfull job guys truly keep it up #DSFAMILY!!!
  3. Half

    great video bud! keep it up! I'm looking forward to your next video #DSFAMILY!!!!
  4. Half

    Welcome @Lt. Limes! I'm really looking forward work with you and get to know you better I can tell great things are a happenin and I'm so excited to be apart of it! #DSFAMILY4LIFE!
  5. Half

    so excited that's its going to be weekly!
  6. Half

    I love this so much the amount of detail the entire news team puts into each edition is wonderful! I enjoyed reading ever bit of it and the fact it might be weekly is really getting me excited keep up the outstanding work you all have been doing and as always #DSFAMILY!!!!!!
  7. Half

    Gz on that shadow wings man the way you lit up when you got it was awesome great video keep it up I'm looking forward to those other key openings hehe gl on your adventures #DSFAMILY! And the afro 100% heheh
  8. Half

    Thanks for that, get it LIT up in here!!! #DSFAMILY #DSGOLDDIGGAH!!
  9. Half

    Wow that luck is intense!!!!! That's unheard of! Hahah it just shows each day is a new one and you really never know what's going to happen, continue your journey with this luck and I wish you the best #DSFAMILY
  10. Great job man another one to add to the showcase heheh keep up the great work, I know I love the one you did for myself #DSFAMILY!
  11. Half

    Great way to advertise the new club system and get more and more involved and informed great video keep it up and as always #DSFAMILY #DSGOLDDIGGAH!!
  12. Half

  13. Half

    great video bud!!!!! and look at those shoutouts! that #DSFAMILY love is all too real keep up the wonderful work you do each time you log on!! I cant wait to see the next one! #DSFAMILY4LIFE!!! heeh
  14. Half

    Congratz @Unicow well earned and a big shout-out to @Yvez and @Hi its Guru keep up the wonderful work you all have been doing!!! #DSFAMILY4LIFE!!
  15. Half

    I'm looking for one il pay 50t cash if I like it hehe, the one I have atm can be used for a guide but try to mix it up gl cant wait to see it