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  1. Papers

    Wah gwaan mi bredda! <3
  2. Papers

    313! Good luck everyone
  3. Papers

    Good luck everyone! - -
  4. Papers

    It sucks to see you leave bro. You will be dearly missed :(
  5. Papers

    It is one of a kind, definitely! PM me in-game or here if you need help and you'll find we have an amazing community <3
  6. Papers

    Nice to meet you! Good luck on that world peace like that goal!
  7. Papers

    Wow man! This is really impressive, iron man and richer than most people
  8. Papers

    Very nice man, loving your work!
  9. Papers

    I think its a good suggestion - a harder boss is something Ive honestly been looking forward to. Hope it gets accepted - vouch!
  10. Papers

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy our server, you'll find we have an amazing community
  11. Papers

    @Searwenhas been banned for having the SAME signature quote FOR EVER. Noob.
  12. Papers

    Why did two people ban me :( Gainz has been banned because he made too many gainz and short-circuited.
  13. Papers

    swag has been banned for no particular reason
  14. Papers

    Congratulations @Pharros! PM me in-game for your prize. @Bman lock please