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  1. It's Thanksgiving tomorrow.. well in some ares of the world its already thanksgiving.. anyway.. Why don't we all just post something your grateful for. Let it be something in-game... Something it real life. It doesn't matter.. Write it down.     What i'm Thankful for is my Son.. Having this kid.. and another boy on the way, has made me want to change my life around in the most dramatic way. Postive way's. I've learned to think positive about practically everything, theres not point of being so upset about everything.. No matter what you've been through realize that it's an accompl
  2. Ok, honest question. If it's not allowed why is it possible? There should be an auto log off? and are there consquences for it? if so what are they? .. Don't wanna get any.. honestly it kind of confusing..
  3. I leave my computer for a couple hours and come back and this is what i see? Whats good tho? lol..
  4. Hey yall. ItsMalikTho :p been playing rsps on and off for about 5+ years now.. Keep leaving and coming back.. I think this server caught my attention. The guns are awesome, never seen anything like it like.... yeah you know what im saying. Im-game username is "Im Too Much"<- Hardcore Main..and ItsMalikTho<- which is a IronMan Noob lol but I don't really play on it.. hmu? In-game
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