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  1. Not Brad1

    I would like to see it done this way as well. It would definitely be cool to see how many raids you have completed.
  2. Not Brad1

    I can agree with this. I'd rather see how many souls i'm getting than what charm i'm getting.
  3. Hello all, Currently Collector's Necklace has a setting for disable messages, but it does not work. Upon selecting disable messages, nothing is picked up regardless of what setting you had prior to that and if you try selecting a setting after that, messages are enabled again. I would like to request that we not be notified after every kill that we received a gold charm as this is known, and it just clutters the chat box and makes it harder to be an active part of the server. I would also be happy if it only notified me of rare+ drops being picked up as that wouldn't be spammy. P.S. please also get rid of sponsor point notifications, we can see our sponsor points in the quest tab, we don't need to be told every single kill that we earned one. Thank you
  4. Not Brad1

    Nice goals, looking forward to seeing that ownercape!
  5. Not Brad1

    SO I quit after losing my emp set dicing a couple months ago but i'm back and rebuilding and I made this thread for some motivation! Starting Boss Log: PvM Goals and Achievements (in order): Get an Emperor Set (1/1) - 8/17/2017 Full Elemental Set achieved from PvM (0/8) Full Shadow Set (0/8) 100k Shadow King kills (probably achieved during full set from pvm) 100k Chaos Elemental kills (probably achieved during full set from pvm) 10Q+ Bank after Emperor Set Double Chaos ele Pet drops (0) Double Oblivion drops (0) Double Soulflare Drops ( (0) - 3 achieved originally ) -
  6. Not Brad1

    welcome aboard adodwerg, I hope you enjoy your stay here and stick around for a while!
  7. Not Brad1

    Welcome back! Not sure if we've met or not where you said you've been here multiple times. Anyways, hope you stick around for a while
  8. Not Brad1

    I have to second on this one :P
  9. Not Brad1

    I'm really not worried about what the club can do for me but what I can do for new players in lending items and sets and such. I enjoy communicating with avid PvM'ers and seeing hearing others drops and such. I would like to help others along their ways to where I am in PvM'ing.
  10. In-Game Name: Not Brad1 Real Name/Nickname: Brad In-game play time (Picture): Age: 20 Time Zone: EST Why do you think you should be a part of The Plantation? no words needed with that + npckills : oh... also I'm the only owner of Brad's Badass Minigun:
  11. Not Brad1

    Good luck finishing the semester mate! I'll be thinking of you during finals week!
  12. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress mate!
  13. Not Brad1

    Added another double drop today
  14. Not Brad1

    Congrats mate, being one of the top PvMer's, I like seeing others getting up there