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  1. i would ask about people that won before this new update come if they get rewards for it
  2. marhaage

    i like it
  3. marhaage

    a bit sad but we will still get the updates ones a month
  4. marhaage

    You have greit potensial to learn. You just need to make more and hey Your vids will improve.
  5. marhaage

    Im trying to do that but colli neck is to god Dang expensive :(
  6. marhaage

    well said
  7. marhaage

    very nice. its better then anything i made
  8. marhaage

    good luck on your goals
  9. marhaage

    the luck is real. nice one there
  10. marhaage

    gl on your goals
  11. marhaage

    nice, grats on the drop
  12. marhaage

    wow ty sooo much

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