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  1. Boy that sword sure doesn't look like Ashbringer
  2. Odini

    Welcome back Ajackman!
  3. Well I decided to do a little rare drop log from 10k-20k Shadow kings just to see and let other interested players see what I would get from 10k Shadow kings. As you can see I get 6 drops from 10k so that's on average 1 drop on every 1,666 kills. I thought the back to back brutals were pretty funny, sadly they were brutals. Some more of these will come in the future, for example 10-20k elemental kills which are a little more impressive.
  4. Odini

    Saw someone calling you the true RNG god.
  5. Odini

    Hello fellow Dreamscape players My name is Odin and I have been playing Dreamscape since October, and have decided to make a little introduction on myself I'm a 20 year old kid from Iceland, right now I work on boat repairs, I recently went to rehab as I was hooked on drugs and I've been sober for 3 months. My favourite movie is "Some like it hot", my favourite musician is Eminem. My main/only activity in game is flowerpoker and pvming. Not much more to say

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