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  1. Sytrix

    Oh ok thanks, me dumb dumb ^-^
  2. Sytrix

    Like red said its hard to see. I wouldnt of used the background of the forum specially if we would of change the current logo to this one, it will of just blend in too much and that's something you need to consider in advanced. In exemple, the one i did is more based on grey/white so that it doesnt blend in and that we can see it clearly. The composition is alright i think you could add a little more personality to the text. Im not saying to do a custom one but to put more effort into searching a interesting font that doesnt look like the other servers. About the background you can easily download it by pressong F12 then going to "sources" than searching for the image. It works for every website ever. Hope this help
  3. Sytrix

    Not sure to understand what you mean
  4. Sytrix

    Photoshop.... with a mouse... lets just say several hours and a lot of pain.
  5. Sytrix

    You don't need to name the server i already know where you seen me. Its also where i started doing graphic and it was because of h3lix, jaymen and atris. Which i still all have on skype and i also did a signature once for h3lix. You seem very passionate about design and im sure you will be able to learn a lot in this community.
  6. Sytrix

    First of all Welcome to Dreamscape !   You have some interesting design and I can't wait to see more.   For your website design i see a lot of great things, like you said the dark and gloomy effect but I can spot some error but easily fixable.About advertising, as long as you don't show the name of the server you will be fine.   For your signature, i can't say much because i don't usually do tags so all i can say is the rain effect bothers me a little bit, maybe make it fade out because right now all the attention is on it   I hope to see you active and maybe later on become a graphic designer for our server. If you have any question or need help with anything, simply ask [member='Sytrix'] or [member='Activate'].
  7. Sytrix

    From my point of view you already know how to make a text, use materials, and use a lightroom, which is already a lot (you don't even know the struggle for some)   Yes it need some adjustment but if you're only starting it's already a lot. If you are interested in learning more you can always send me a pm. Hope to see more soon.
  8. Sytrix

    If you guys can wait i can make a hd version with more details, specially with the rocks
  9. Sytrix

    Yes i can send you the larger version
  10. Sytrix

    I like the font used with the color too. The only thing that throw me off is that light/smoke beside her, it look weird in my opinion, maybe try to fade it more. Other than that i love it kiu
  11. Sytrix

    i even made it animated ;)
  12. Sytrix

    Yeah.. i had no choice because of gif. I don't know any other way to make it look more like a video
  13. Sytrix

    Welcome back! Always good to see people join back