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  1. Sativa Seeds

    are ya winning son
  2. whos this ugly nerd wdf??
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    2. Macmayham


      That's L S D, The sexiest mutha fucka out there. Any of you bitches saying there's a fish for everyone in the sea. L S D is a mutha fuckin shark. Don't fuck with my boy L S D or you're gunna get a chunk bitten out of your ass.
    3. L S D

      L S D

      Lol what the hell.
    4. L S D

      L S D

      Lol what the hell.
  3. Sativa Seeds

    where the fuck is lsd
  4. Badboy i've been one of those. Wake up call, you'll get one of those.
  5. Nah, that's not me
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    2. L S D

      L S D

      Act like a wasteman? That's not me Sex any girl? Nah that's not me Lips any girl? Nah that's not me
    3. Sativa Seeds
    4. Sativa Seeds
  6. Clearing all out of wildy once im online #ragunit
  7. http://dreamscape317.net/forums/new/threads/the-predators.9084/
  8. Sativa Seeds

  9. King of the wilderness
  10. Search "kingsativafromds" at youtube and watch my videos!

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