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  1. Epok

    Goodluck to all 3 of you guys! Luckily enough I know all 3 of you & I know how good you guys can prove & be active! 3 very good candidates! Wish each of you the best of luck & even being nominated is a big thing, so congrats to all 3 of you!
  2. Epok

    DS Doctor! Take care & wish you the best on education! You’re a great guy, & gonna miss you my danish wiking!
  3. I’m not a helper anymore that explains why but appreciate the feedback you give to the rest of the staff team. It boost them to do it even better then they use to do.
  4. Epok

  5. Epok

    I started up with a resign but it’s been to a permanent farewell to Dreamscape. It’s frustrating & sad, but I have to respect it & admit it. Sometimes in life you gotta respect the mistakes & issues you make. I did some things that I’ve regret on Dreamscape. I fully respect my punishment. If you wanna know what happened, please ask a staff member. Im here to say officially goodbye to each of Dreamscape player. What an honour & adventure it has been for me to be a part of the best Custom RSPS that have ever existed! Most of my time has been as a staff member & im truly honoured of being a part of this team! I’ve learned many people to know & it’s been amazing! Special thank to: -Staff Team for all the work you guys put into the server & the community. -Developement team for the upgrades & progress you guys make to let this server still running -Owner thanks for all the time we had, thanks for create this server & all the stuff you do to let this server be alive! Before I end this farewell thread I wanna say thanks to: @Hc Drax @Feeds @Flae @Mrdoctor. @Chuck @Englishlog @Emperor Nick @Papers @Lil Bowwow @Bale @Searwen for the fun times we had! I appreciate each of one! add me on Discord if you wanna still have contact: Epok#5366
  6. Epok

    Dear Dreamscape Community. It's time for me to resign on Dreamscape due irl stuff. In 8 days I will start on education & that means it will take all my time.. It's not farewell, I will be on when I have a few minutes Instead of keep the position I feel another good potential person good have the honor of getting a helper rank. I know there is many players on Dreamscape with good potential & could be a good candidate! Just promise me to follow the rules of having a staff application open. Im not feeling well by write this message to you all, but I have to since it's a resign from staff -team. It's been an honor helping all people who asked me for help! I also hope my help was good enough for you as well! There is many people I would like to say 'Thank you' but instead of mention each of everyone, I can tell you right here. For those who know who they are I just want to say: Thank you for your kindness, all the fun events we've been hosting on Discord (especially Karaoke), for those who became very good friends of mine, it's amazing to experience! For now, I can tell if you if I have plans on returning to DS Staff team, I wanna focus 100% on my education, since it's only a 10 weeks progress, so there will be a lot of stuff to do 24/7. As I mentioned already I will of course come on Discord to say hello to you all & I will (when time is there) get on in game to say hello to you all! Once DSGANG, ALWAYS #DSGANG! Best regards, Epok.
  7. Epok

    Damn that is some real grind right there!! Nice bank & gz on all of it!! :D
  8. Epok

    Hey buddy! Welcome to Dreamscape! Hope you enjoy your stay! If there is anything I can help with, PM me in game! Epok
  9. Epok

    Thanks for the votes on me! & thank you all for those who took their time to vote for EACH rank!
  10. Epok

    Nice event & also congratulations on first event! If you need any ideas for events, let me know. Goodluck to all participates!
  11. Epok

    Good job on the video! As we spoke last time about things to change, you’ve done it incredible job! +1 for that! Keep up the good work & good to see a player actually putting a face on them self! Goodluck with the giveaway & goodluck to those who participating! EPOK
  12. Epok

    Hey man. Sad to see but you are super busy & it is respected! Wish you all the best with the house & more! Talk to you later
  13. Epok

    Hey buddy! Welcome to Dreamscape! I hope you enjoying your stay! If you need anything in game, let me know! Also good to see another GFX worker! Looking forward to see some of your work!!
  14. Epok

    Great job, but I think it would be a good idea to change to colour etc on the rank
  15. Epok

    Oh man... this is sad to see :/ its been an honour to work with you & see your work as a staff member! A truly legend. Also a very good friend who I enjoy speaking with on discord! Some good times! I truly respect your decision & hope we will speak very soon! bunch of love my friend #DSGANG

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